1 for 1 with #burpple beyond
Pizza was really good
Chicken burger could be cooked more though

1 for 1

Chicken was fried well. Could taste the black pepper on the breading which I enjoyed

Burger is really juicy. Patties are thick as well.

A sizeable portion of fries and plus coleslaw

Total 19.90

1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond
5.50 for 2 sandwiches
Eggs were fluffy
Toast has a nice slight char

12.50 total for both
1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond
Waffles were crisp, the way i like it.
Unique assortment of ice cream flavours.
Drizzled with caramel or maple syrup

1 for 1 with burpple beyond
Juicy burger but slightly small portion for beef cheek

Noodles were springy, soup was well seasoned. I asked for 2x noodles. Cha shu was crisp as it was supposedly aburi torched

So good...
Rice, 2 bowls of curry, chicken katsu, fish katsu, egg, beef, potato croquette.
I finished it all by myself in 30mins

P.s. the chicken meat was a tad tough tho

Just $13.90 you get yourself 5 pcs of chicken/pork/prawn dumplings come with unlimited refill of rice and egg, complete with miso/vegetables soup and choices of 2 side dishes. Do expect a queue as the place is quite small. Outdoor seats is available as well. The staff here is super friendly and occasionally will joke with you too.

With their signature tonkotsu soup base, boldly savoury and robust, yet not overly salty, quite well balanced.
Garnished with a large sheet of crunchy, earthy seaweed; bouncy, chewy ramen noodles; crunchy, earthy black fungus / cloud ear fungus; a lean and meaty pork cha shu slice; tender vegetal sweet bamboo shoots; and a wobbly eggy ajitsuke tamago / marinated soft boiled egg.
A trio of seasoning lend bold flavours; including black garlic paste, red chili oil; and green coriander paste. Stir them all in, and you get a visually unappealing bowl, that is completely delicious and layered.
There's still the complimentary marinated bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and hard boiled eggs available too.
Keisuke Tonkotsu King
More details on blog archives

Finally get to try the famous Tori King 🍜. The chicken thigh is so tender, it was easily separated from the bones. The broth is really rich and thick, even though I chose light broth, it’s still a bit salty for me. Free eggs & beansprouts means free flow protein for me! 🀩