Huge Portions Or Free Flow

Huge Portions Or Free Flow

Featuring Ramen Champion (Bugis+), Ramen Keisuke Tori King (100AM), Hamburg Steak Keisuke, Menya Musashi Kafu (Raffles City), Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons (Bugis), Sumo Bar Happy, Hakata Ikkousha Ramen (CHIJMES), Gyoza King (Orchid Hotel), Earle Swensen's (VivoCity), Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (Clementi Mall)
Max Woon
Max Woon

Noodles were springy, soup was well seasoned. I asked for 2x noodles. Cha shu was crisp as it was supposedly aburi torched

So good...
Rice, 2 bowls of curry, chicken katsu, fish katsu, egg, beef, potato croquette.
I finished it all by myself in 30mins

P.s. the chicken meat was a tad tough tho

Just $13.90 you get yourself 5 pcs of chicken/pork/prawn dumplings come with unlimited refill of rice and egg, complete with miso/vegetables soup and choices of 2 side dishes. Do expect a queue as the place is quite small. Outdoor seats is available as well. The staff here is super friendly and occasionally will joke with you too.

With their signature tonkotsu soup base, boldly savoury and robust, yet not overly salty, quite well balanced.
Garnished with a large sheet of crunchy, earthy seaweed; bouncy, chewy ramen noodles; crunchy, earthy black fungus / cloud ear fungus; a lean and meaty pork cha shu slice; tender vegetal sweet bamboo shoots; and a wobbly eggy ajitsuke tamago / marinated soft boiled egg.
A trio of seasoning lend bold flavours; including black garlic paste, red chili oil; and green coriander paste. Stir them all in, and you get a visually unappealing bowl, that is completely delicious and layered.
There's still the complimentary marinated bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and hard boiled eggs available too.
Keisuke Tonkotsu King
More details on blog archives

Finally get to try the famous Tori King 🍜. The chicken thigh is so tender, it was easily separated from the bones. The broth is really rich and thick, even though I chose light broth, it’s still a bit salty for me. Free eggs & beansprouts means free flow protein for me! 🤩

Actually really loved the broth here and it wasn’t just another plain old ramen. Sadly didn’t read the menu carefully and you need to +$1.50 for a Japanese egg.
But if you’re on a budget go for their free flow hard boil egg and other sides.
I think there’s free upsize if noodles on mon & fri as well
Must try: mash potato with roasted sesame sauce

Only 2 items on their menu that came with the free flow food; steak w cheese in it $20.80 and without cheese $18.80.
Had the steak with cheese and it came with free flow eggs; fried, omelette, scrambled, half boiled, hard boiled, tamagoyaki.
Steak was juicy tho I wouldn't mind it being bigger. Eggs were delicious was probably most of what i ate there. The sides were mostly vegetables with some macaroni and ham, noodles with cucumber noodles, and more. I liked the coffee jelly especially with the cream that tasted great on its own.
Would eat again for sure. Value for money indeed.

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Last night's dinner situation with 1-for-1 entertainer app: 400g ribeye steak, roasted half chicken, and FREE-FLOW salad and fries! Pardon the mess of Camembert cheese which were remnants of the fondue appetizer we ordered but damn were they good with the crisp addictively tasty handcut fries too!
Steak starts at $19.90 for 200g/ $24.90 for 300g/ $29.90 for 400g, well-seasoned but sadly not tender enough for a medium rare, and a little too chewy in certain parts though it is not too bad for its price. The star of the show has got to be the chicken - absolutely tender and juicy, with herbs for flavour and sauces on the side (chipotle, mango or spicy mustard). Nothing fancy but this homely, unpretentious place is good for a casual date night.

Yes, there’s really FREE FLOW rice and sambal chilli, which are two essentials in what sets a great nasi lemak apart from a mediocre one. They definitely didn’t scrimp on the coconut rice and sambal chilli as the fragrance from the coconut rice cooked in pandan leaves will instantly hit you as you open the rice cooker while the spicy sambal chilli might seemed unassuming initially but wait for 5 minutes and the spiciness will slowly reveal its fiery nature and cause a slow burn around your lips.

Don’t come here and expect a wide array of ingredients because there’s not; but I feel the variety is more than enough for one to customize their own plate of nasi lemak. Right at the counter, the shop owners have laid out everything from the regular ikan bilis with peanut, hotdogs, otah to the less unconventional ones like fried chicken skin. Flavours will not knock you off the perch but it’s the familiarity and distinctive homecooked taste that will make you keep going back for more. Special mention goes to their deep fried chicken wings which brought back memories of how my grandmother would used to make and the plain generic egg that most take for granted but here, extra effort is put into adding corns and carrot bits into the egg mixture before frying them up, resulting in a crunchy texture.
Nasi Lemak Kukus
Address: 229, Selegie Road, Singapore 188344

This ramen is so stuffed with meat: pork belly, ox tail, char siew and free flow eggs! Love the collagen soup broth. The ox tail has a strong flavour that is either loved or hated by people. Very filling bowl and worth every penny.

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