My favourite coffee bean branch! The space is really big with seats always available; even when full, the noise level never requires one to raise their voice to be heard :-) the staff here also commendably go beyond the call of duty to provide for their customers!

Recently, theyโ€™ve been having these breakfast promotions where two sets of a breakfast item and a latte go for $10 in total. Their coconut latte is THE BOMB - just the right amount of coffee for that much needed caffeine kick with a coconutty crunch every few sips. The croissant comes with egg, cheese and what tastes like hollandaise sauce. Definitely worth it for the price point!!


So happy that creamier reopened just across the road from their flagship branch with a significantly upgraded seating area!! We came at 5.45pm-ish and didnโ€™t have to queue or wait for a seat at all. The offerings are just as they were before - same flavors, same standard of taste, just the way we like it! As always, I recommend the rich & nutty pistachio ice cream with an order of waffles, which are made on order. The rum and raisin was a little sweeter than we remembered, so maybe give it a miss if youโ€™re a fan of more natural flavors.

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Finally got around to having a post-dinner treat here, and as a self-professed ice cream aficionado I must say this place is legit! We got the roasted pistachio (+$1) and the stout chocolate w/ waffles (total $11.80). The other reviews are right in saying they probably have the best pistachio ice cream around town - each bite comes with a full-bodied roasted flavor that rounds up the nuttiness perfectly. The stout chocolate is just the right level of sweet and has a distinct alcohol overtone that adds a satisfying kick to the overall flavor! Only negative point would be the lack of parking :-(

You can choose how you like your eggs(poached, scrambled or...I forgot the last option). The potato waffles were a little โ€œmehโ€, itโ€™s basically a rosti packaged in a different name. It wasnโ€™t as crisp as Iโ€™d like, but we did enjoy how it tasted. The eggs were perfectly done - a good mix of cooked and runny. Iโ€™d suggest eating this deconstructed as the flavors get all mixed up altogether and doesnโ€™t really taste that special anymore.

Pretty pricey for the taste, maybe Iโ€™ll go for the fresh bakes instead next time!

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Classics with a small twist! As a croissant lover I just had to pick this. The eggs benny went really well together, much more than a normal muffin would. Generally, I feel muffins are quite dense tasteless in general so I really appreciated how they substituted it with a lighter, more flakey alternative that was filled with buttery goodness! They were pretty generous with the smoked salmon too.

Pretty pricey for the taste and the wait time was pretty long though.

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First time here and I am not disappointed! Walking in, itโ€™s like Iโ€™ve been transported back to the bakeries in Sydney, where a smorgasbord of fresh bakes lining the counter immediately catches your eye. All the pastries looked sooo good especially the peach strudel!


Although a little salty, the beef bone soup was rich in flavor and was sooo addictive when taken with the tender melt-in-your-mouth chunks of beef :-) Also, we took the advice of other reviewers and requested for the noodles to be a little harder so they came out all perfect and al dente, especially the flat one!! Comes with half an egg.

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We found the tomato soup really refreshing - itโ€™s thicker and sweeter than one would expect and coats each strand of their yummy flour-y noodles as you slurp it up!! The prawn paste balls have a really distinct roe taste that cuts through all the layers, and the springy texture added another dimension to the seemingly simple dish. Also, we took the advice of other reviewers and requested for the noodles to be a little harder so they came out all perfect and al dente, especially the flat one!!

All in all, the good service and value-for-money food just might keep me coming back!


In a mall packed full of eateries, it is all too easy to miss out on this little gem! Tucked away in a corner of Funan beside 7-11 is this humble little 20-seater specializing in hand-pulled noodles that are made to order. Their menu is pretty sparse with only 3 different soup bases and the same few ingredients, but on the flip side, it means that they do each dish pretty thoroughly.

The sides were pretty standard and nothing to shout about; lava eggs were nice and molten but didnโ€™t really carry any additional flavor when eaten with the noodles. Salad tasted mostly of roasted sesame sauce, but was admittedly a refreshing start to the meal.


Still my favourite pizza place in town and super worth it especially with entertainerโ€™s 1 for 1 mains!! I canโ€™t speak for the other flavors because we literally order the same 2 pizzas every time we come, i.e.: carbonara and laksa. The laksa pizza comes with a really legit laksa paste and abundant toppings like sotong, quail eggs, tau pok(I think), prawns, chili padi...and the whole agglomeration of doughy goodness is sprinkled with little laksa leaves!!!! Which really elevates the taste and sets it apart from laksa pizza from other establishments.

The carbonara pizza looks pretty simple with just a few strips of bacon and a runny egg in the centre but - CONTRARY TO APPEARANCES - is packed with so much flavor!! The garlicky bechamel paste is salty to the right degree and meshes so well with their thin dough. Break the yolk and spread it all around for more oomph!!!

If youโ€™re a carb lover, get a serving of their toasty little dough balls with garlic butter, you wonโ€™t regret it!

Take my review with a pinch of salt, Iโ€™d pick tonkotsu over shoyu any day of the week but this shoyu ramen came highly recommended by a friend. When the waitress came around to serve my order, I was hit with the heady aroma of fish emanating from the broth way before the bowl was placed on the table. Because apparently the base ingredient is sardine, each spoonful of the broth was expectedly rich in flavor, though the saltiness became apparent after a few spoonfuls. Ingredient-wise, this is a quintessential bowl of ramen with a perfectly done ajitama (why half an egg only though?), bamboo shoots, 2 slices of charred char siew that melts in your mouth, and thicc al dente-ish ramen noodles. My only gripe was not being able to finish the broth because of how SALTY it was!

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The first bite is pretty mind blowing; for a split second, your senses get bombarded with the light citrusy aroma & flavor of yuzu that somehow manages to precede the familiar, heavy umami of the shio broth. But once that fades, all you get is a bowl of REALLY. SALTY. ramen that lacks any distinctive flavor. The char siew - whilst grilled to a nice smoky char - still can be improved texture-wise as it was a little tough. Letโ€™s not even talk about the very mediocre gyoza. Not worth the 20-30min wait imho, just go in a few months and pray that theyโ€™ll still be open by then.