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Price was very reasonable and the ingredient selection was good. We had a choice of mala siang guo bowl or a soup-based bowl. Both were very nice. Service was very helpful and friendly.

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The cakes were very good, the cappucino was average. But all in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon and a gorgeous cafe to chill out in, especially on weekday afternoons. Had their Lavender Lemon Cake and Chocolate Cognac Ganache Cake- both were superb.

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Food was fresh and delicious, and service was friendly. Would definitely come back!

I actually wanted to get the pasta, but a friend who arrived earlier than expected helped me to order the marinara... pizza. 🤣

Thankfully, the pizza was good with a chewy, bubbly crust. We enjoyed it more than the calzone, which for me could have been more browned.

But with 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond, you can’t really complain.

Don’t come here expecting your traditional Mexican cuisine and you’ll probably still be happy with your meal. Pretty affordable, with tacos going at less than $20 for 3pcs each. We tried the Cajun Chicken tacos ($16) and Root Beer Pulled Beef ($18). The former was rather dry unfortunately. But the beef taco was braised well, retaining moistness that went well with the onions and sour cream within it. The tacos themselves were interesting. Neither the soft tacos nor the hard ones - these were flour tortillas that had been toasted to crispness. I quite enjoyed them actually! The Jalapeño Mid Wings ($10) were generously portioned, and were lip-smackingly saucy, smothered with a salsa picante/lime/garlic/honey sauce. Skip the mocktails which are pure syrupy and lacking in any flavor other than sweetness.

Some days, all you need is a comforting sandwich with gooey filling and toasted crispy bread. I’ve noticed this takeaway kiosk for a long time and finally ran out of excuses to not try it since I can now enjoy 1-1 deal here thanks to Burpple Beyond! 😊

An interesting twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, you get a generous amount of thinly sliced Wagyu Beef slices on this sandwich! The onsen egg is actually served separately, in a container. Well, to be fair I enjoyed my sandwich quite a lot without the onsen egg. Too much trouble and mess to eat it the way it was intended anyway. The sweet caramelised onions along with the gooey cheese and well marinated beef slices (not too much fats) really made a good combination! Very satisfying lunch

The tendon (tempura bowl) and chirashi don (mixed raw seafood on rice) were superb. Great value too!

The tendon (tempura bowl) and chirashi don (mixed raw seafood on rice) were superb. Great value too!

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First instinct - a pretty dainty cake! But does it taste as good as it looks? Soft and fluffy, the sponge cake was layered with buttercream and fresh lychee bits; and topped with edible rose petals. The first bite was bursting with lychee flavour but missing the rose accent, which could have been infused into the cake sponges. Overall a light and pleasant cake and not too sweet!

Loved our beef bulgogi bibimbap at Dosirak. Fresh, healthy ingredients, generous slices of beef. I liked their garlic sauce. Service was also outstanding.


What a nice surprise to find this gem of a place in Tywhitt Road, that's been open only for a few weeks! We had the Wagyu Burger ($22.90), which was a big fat juicy burger with melted cheese, caramelised onions and bacon. Fries and salad were served on the side, and this was a good proper serving of salad, with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and corn, tossed in a balsamic vinegarette. One of the things I like about Geaks is that you can use your Burpple Beyond deal on practically every main course item, including pastas and brunch items (save for just 1 exclusion). Many other Burpple Beyond outlets place far too many restrictions. Try this place out and definitely go for the burger.

Lavender Yuzu Fizz is refreshing on a hot day. There are many types of coffee roasts to choose from. Candour Coffee shares a premise with Rakki Bowl.