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Among the chicken Based broths that I've tried this is just so. I'm not a fan of this style of noodle as there isn't enough spring. Decent ramen but will not be frequenting this place.

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Lovely cafe just around the corner from ABC Market. Very worth it with the burpple beyond 1 for 1 deal! Waffles are a little more dry compared with Creamier but otherwise good. Ice cream flavours are interesting

Very good food with excellent flavours and a good amount of food to keep you satisfied. Unfortunately their services leaves much to be desired. For the amount of money one pays for dinner there is no warmth or friendliness in the place. The acoustics of the restaurant are also poor- conversation is near possible if you are not shouting. Despite enjoying the food, I may not return.

We came here within a week of their opening and were blown away by their flawless service. The staff were attentive and friendly, just the right amount without being overbearing. The food was good, if perhaps not quite my cup of tea. I prefer oysters fresh, and didn't quite like the fermented watermelon in another dish. Also not a huge fan of their mushroom dessert. Pictured here was a white grape granite, caraway parfait and honey dew. Some of the dishes I particularly enjoyed were the turbot, lamb and venison. The wattleseed madeleines were divine. Overall a beautiful restaurant. Rishi was a very humble and personable chef and has extremely well trained staff!

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Came here with the burrple beyond coupon and as usual, super worth it. The waffles here are nicer than at Sunday folk. I had mine with lemon blueberry yogurt ice cream which was really nice. The gryphon tea (osmanthus sencha) was on point as usual. Definitely coming back!

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Super worth it for the one for one deal on burrple beyond! Most of the proteins are sous vided and there's very little oil.


We went as a party of 4 adults and 2 children and had a selection of yakitori (heart, liver, backbone, backside and thigh), a small bowl of tsukune don for the toddler, as well as the horse mackerel, short rib, pork belly and grilled veg with lobster potato salad. The food was great! We over ordered slightly but if you're really hungry it shouldnt be a problem. With 2 drinks, the bill came up to around 400 which was a little steep.

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Was pretty excited to have my sandwich here but sadly it was rather disappointing. The flavours were nice but the ebi katsu was SO tiny it barely filled up half the sandwich. One serving is only half the sandwich - whatever you see in this picture. The chips were also a bit soggy.

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We came here and used the burrple beyond deal, which made it super worth it. In addition to this, we got the pork chop with mashed sweet potato, all for $19! The food was cooked well and the portions were very generous. Definitely coming back!

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We came here for date night and had the tomato salad, mussel bisque, half dozen Muirgen oysters and a lamb chop. I'd say everything was on point! Except for the tomato salad which was a little flat. The bill came up to around $120. Very decent dinner!

We had this with a mango jango (a mocktail consisting of mango puree, vanilla ice cream and ginger ale), our companions had the tiramisu. This tart was a particular let down. Firstly its tiny. I could have finished it in half a bite. The blood orange sorbet was just so. And it cost $17. I could definitely have done better at home.

I was super excited about this place after reading all the great reviews. Sadly not everything you see on the Internet is to be believed. This white bee hoon in particular was super bland. The prawns were big and fresh though. Other let downs were the oyster omelette--while the oysters were big and juicy, the omelette itself was fried within an inch of its life and was dry. The olive and mince meat fried rice, seafood char kway teow and Ngoh hiang were decent.

The icing on this bad cake was when we asked for a cup of hot water to warm up my child's milk in. We were charged 50cents. Definitely not coming back here any time soon.