Yum! Mochi donut was served hot and was very pleasantly chewy, it’s not sweet on its own so it complements the other components. The cookie biscuit that was the base of the softserve was good too, crunchy and sweet/buttery. Softserve was p smooth and creamy, cookie butter flavour was distinct and honestly much less sweet than typical speculoos-flavoured desserts. It’s served with some granola (that had freeze dried raspberry bits) and salted caramel sauce!

Overall a p solid dessert, each component was good and came together nicely, not too sweet as a whole. The mochi donut is v filling so thankfully we shared this between 3! The only thing is that it would have been better if served on a plate - having it in the bowl meant that the donut was soaked in the softserve ‘soup’ when it melted.


Noodles are the hk-style egg noodles, which were springy but I wished the auntie put a bit more sauce for my plate, it was a tad dry and I had to loosen it with the soup. My friend’s noodles looked less dry so it depends on your luck I guess! The char siew was nicely caramelised and didn’t taste too burnt even at the edges, but some pieces were a bit tough and dry, while others were wonderfully tender. But you can tell that this charsiew is much better than the lousy, thinly-sliced cardboard types. Has a decent amount of fat on each piece (not too much, I scraped it off and it wasn’t a lot) but enough for those fatty charsiew folks I believe! I love that they give kailan, it’s blanched and not overcooked. Not my first choice when I come to Chinatown, but still a decent lunch option!

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This came with vegan cheese and it was terrible. The vegan cheese had a very plasticky, chemical smell. I only had a tiny bite from my friend’s slice and it was one bite too many… unfortunately no one who tried it, liked it.

Yum! Pizza crust was thin and for this pizza it was particularly crunchy (for the hawaii-not & margherita it wasn’t as browned and crunchy). There was a variety of mushrooms (including shimeiji and button mushroom), creamy truffle sauce, mozzarella & parm, plus truffle shavings. Truffle flavour (despite there being truffle cream, truffle, and truffle oil) wasn’t prominent, which I didn’t mind actually. I guess it was slightly more fragrant from the truffle? But not in an overwhelming way.

TLDR: Liked the earthy flavours, would get this again!

first bite to this noodles were amazing too I loved the pork belly so much that umami flavour that blended so well with the savoury noodles!!!! didn’t expect this at all

Overall loved the experience, the food, the vibes!!! Highly recommend!!!

we loved these the most wow the fresh huge juicy scallops grilled in that sinful generous hot mentaiko sauce… so so yummy and I truly savoured each moment each bite 🥲

Awww it was such a beautiful mindblowing moment at Ajiya :”) went there for the DIY okonomiyaki but wow the other cooked dishes blew our minds….

Okonomiyaki: we chose octopus, smoked duck & cheese / it was interesting and fun making it myself (with the chefs constantly watching out for us - slightly stressed HAHHA but they were rlly sweet to give us advises too and make sure we don’t burn our food…) but the whole process took about 10 mins to cook and you can design your own shape & spam all the toppings. Taste wise yummy but fared slightly lower in comparison to the other dishes

Very worth with BB 1-1 :-) I got the bangers and hash - the sausages were huge but a bit mushy (?) didn’t finish both, but I quite liked the rostis (was not the thin crispy kind but there was volume of potatoes in the patty). Friend got the eggs ben - both eggs were rather inconsistent as one was so much less runnier than the other but it’s ok can overlook. The ham was thicc tho pleasant surprise! Worth with BB and nice cosy atmosphere :-)

Was quite delicious! It usually comes with 2 poached eggs but they kindly let me swop it to scrambled eggs, which were not overcooked and q delish - not too heavy with cream/butter. The sourdough toast was nice too, slightly crunchy and not overtoasted, soft in the middle. It had a guac spread + avo cubes, plus lots of ricotta and some dukkah. I liked the vine cherry tomatoes - they were tart and juicy! Only thing is that the sourdough became a bit soggy towards the end sooo probably eat it more quickly than I did.

Aunties were nice and friendly but unfortunately the kaya butter bun was rather average. Bun is chewy but could have been more crisp outside and fluffy inside; the kaya is nice even tho it’s the generic kind; could have been more generous with the cold butter as it was so little it melted quickly. Would rather have the kaya toast from Choon Seng coffee - they use generic white bread but it has better execution!

Cheap but errrr I would rather go have bibimbap at Hyang Yeon. Ingredients were okay - there’s spinach, seaweed, beansprouts, zucchini, carrots, egg, and beef. Nothing was bad but everything was very average. The rice tho, was terribly mushy - I don’t know if it’s an off-day or what but it was ridiculous, we’ve never had such mushy rice anywhere 😢 The hot stone bowl was really good tho, it kept my food steaming hot (not warm but hot) throughout the meal, and allowed a crust to develop like in claypot rice. That was the only portion of the rice worth eating. The mushy rice I managed to eat was so that I wouldn’t waste food.

Banchan was average as well, there’s seasoned potatoes, beansprouts, kimchi, pickled radish, broccoli, and macaroni. This is definitely one of the least impressive Korean restaurants I’ve been to. Oh well, at least it was cheaper than usual - $14 after service charge and gst.

The chicken ramen broth was v delicious - it wasn’t v thick but it had a somewhat creamy, strong chicken flavour. Only thing is that it was quite oily. The noodles were al dente as well, and it came with black fungus plus scallions, and 2 “grilled chicken”. Wouldn’t recommend this tho, despite the delish soup, because the “grilled chicken” was just sliced chicken rolled into medallions, and they were of terrible quality - tastes like frozen chicken u get at food courts and places like pho street, shan cheng etc. Rly such a pity bc it would have been a great bowl of chicken ramen had they just invested in a better chicken supplier 😢

Gyoza is the kind with a skirt; I wished it was more crisp. It was better when I had it 4 years ago. The filling is still nice, juicy and not too strongly flavoured, gyoza skin was also moist and not hard. Served with a slightly tangy + salty dipping sauce!