Okay this was wonderful. The cheese bread (a pao de queijo, if I’m not wrong) had such great texture. There’s a very thin and crisp layer on the outside. Biting into it reveals a warm, cheesy and chewy interior - kinda like mochi bread. These were great on their own, but dipping them into the comte (cheese) cream is a good choice as well. The comte cream was fairly light, and the cheese on cheese combi surprisingly did not feel overwhelming / jelat. I can see why many people recommended this, and I would definitely get this again on my next visit!

The fish was not bad - I liked how crunchy the batter was, without feeling greasy. (My bf says that it was slightly joosy, seasoned nicely.) The chips had some skin on, which I usually like, but these didn’t have the super crisp exterior, plush & fluffy interior thing going on - I had expected better chips. The tartare sauce though, was really good. There was dill (I think) and maybe some other additions, which really elevated the sauce and we both enjoyed it very much. The peas were also unexpectedly delicious! Texture was great, neither mushy nor hard. Think it’s one of the best, if not the best peas I’ve had.

This was surprising! I don’t really like the taste of beetroot, but with this being a tarte tartin, the beety taste was masked. Not sure if the sweetness was due to the caramelisation + natural sweetness of the beets, or just the sugar added when making the dish. Either way, it was delish! The puff pastry did get soggy after a while, due to the juices. The king salmon rillette paired well, and the salad with a sour dressing rounded off the dish nicely. It’s something I’ll try once, and while I did like it, I probably would not order this again - I’ll like to try something different.

This came with babaganoush, basil and dukkah. Felt this was the weakest dish out of everything. Had wanted to get the eggplant, but it’s no longer on the menu. The zucchini tasted very average, not that it was bad but it was nothing to shout about. Preferred the babaganoush over the zucchini, but wouldn’t order this again the next time I’m here!

Not usually a fan of baby corn (I prefer regular corn), but found this alright - the smoked miso was indeed smoky and savoury. However, they were heavy handed in seasoning one of the corn pieces, resulting in a v salty bite :/ I loved the crunchy stuff outside tho! Not sure if it’s puffed rice but it was delish.

The apple danish was also crisp outside, with a warm and earthy apple filling encased within. It reminded me a little of ritz's apple strudel, with goopy cinnamony soft apple cubes.

The raisin escargot felt like a croissant in a snail-shape as it was similarly crisp, with super plump and joosy raisins that were not overly sweet. Some raisins are kinda dry and too sweet, but not in this case. The inner roll was denser, more brioche-like, which was nice too.

The plain croissant ticked all the right boxes for me: shatteringly crisp, buttery but not overly so, and pretty aerated. The texture was really good! My fav out of all their viennoiseries :)

Ciabatta was my fav out of the breads I tried here. It had a crunchy crust, while the insides were so soft and elastic. I had it plain and was pretty satisfied. I realise their breads have a distinct soft chewy texture, where the bread has a rly nice stretchiness/elasticity to it and I’m all for it!

Honey brioche had a pleasant honey fragrance which perfumed the loaf. It was nice but I don’t think I’ll repurchase as it wasn’t as outstanding as their other stuff!

This was nice and crunchy when toasted, crust is just nice - not too hard. Some sd loaves have a hard crust that isn’t as easy to chew on, some even giving a jaw ache. $4.50 per loaf? I’m sold.

This arrived first and it set my expectations high for the rest of the meal. This was daaamn good - you get a crisp waffle that is neither too airy nor dense; chicken liver parfait was savoury and creamy smooth without coming off too strong; date jam was sweet but not cloying. The flavours came together very nicely and we enjoyed it thoroughly :)