I like their fried tofu and it still taste crispy when I air fried them back home after a few hours. Personally don’t like the meat & seafood roll due to the porky taste. If you are like me and particular about this taste, then don’t suggest you to order.

Passed by this and decided to grab dinner here since not crowded on a Tuesday late afternoon. Nice place and focusing on coffee with Singapore blend or taste. I ordered the nasi goreng as per the staff’s recommendation and I loved it! It had long bean in the rice which made it crunchy when eating. Chicken satay was tender and crackers were fresh and crunchy. Was good and flavourful that I ate more than my usual portion. Will visit again.

My sis ordered these Chee Cheong Fun by Ben Yeo and KWH. It was good even steamed them the next day. It came with a variety of sauce whether we wanna eat the Hong Kong style or our SG style and was fresh and good. Only lowlight was I found the sauce was insufficient especially our family love the sweet one. Will recommend and buy again!

Have been wanting to try their porridge and indeed didn’t disappoint me. Ordered their set which comes with you tiao and soya bean drink. The drink was not diluted. Ordered for my parents and we happy with them! Will order again!

Felt that these time was worse than their previous. Ordered the normal ones with spice and tasted salty and dry. Don’t understand why it would run out on day one of selling 🤨.

Was invited to a business here on a weekday. Food quality still as good so was the ambiance - classy and elegant. The top right was a fish fish and tasted fantastic! At first look, I thought it was some veg dish. Overall quality and creative lunch!

Forgot to take photo before dig in. This is indicated as popular item on Deliveroo which indeed was nice. Their Tata source was good as well. On their website menu mentioned dory fish so I dare to order. I am particular the fish I eat. Usually dory or cod fish. Lastly the food arrived not soggy. Happy with my order!

There is no option to select noodlefellas and I can’t add as well! Ordered these via Deliveroo! Lor mee were fine. Will be nice if they have used the traditional fried ingredients to compliment the dish instead of fried crumbs. The peanut butter toasts tasted traditional but just like all other reviews, better if the toasts were not crisp. The yuan yang was fine for me. For the drink, they might want to consider using plastic wrap or baking paper between cup and cover instead of a few plastic bags to prevent spilling. Will I order again? Yes!

Ordered via Deliveroo: Hawaiian pizza, chicken satay pizza and crispy chicken skin. Their pizza is the thin crust kind. The chicken satay pizza was good and my family love it and thinking of order again for my Christmas gathering! The crispy chicken skin is salty though. No complaint on the packing!

Ordered 3 items and waited for about 30 minutes for them. My appetizer: fried fish skin came after my noodles and carrot cakes which I decided to pack it. Fish noodles not of my likings. Felt like eating a plate of fish cakes with sauce, scallops & prawns. If you don’t like mushroom like me, don’t order the xo carrot cakes. The mushrooms are in chunks. Overall, I don’t think it was worth a $70* meal. Dining experience not acceptable and food was not delicate. For the same price, I can get better food and experience. Will not visit again.

Forgot which ramen I ordered but the soup felt good on a rainy day. But felt a bit salty at the end. Fried chicken a bit oily but crispy and juicy.

Ordered via Grab. Most fast food delivery packing is lacking. Always expect drinks would spilled so this delivery was the same. Still preferred KFC porridge as I preferred it less watery. Their toast was good which I recommend to order.