Ordered via Deliveroo. Thumb up when the outlet bother to cover my coffee with a baking sheet to prevent spilling during delivery. Their bread of the red bean bun is soft and fillings substantial. Their fried chickens were good as well. Crispy and juicy.

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Ordered via oddle eats as usual nicely packed and on time delivery. Food still hot when received. I find the big prawn bee hoon soup too heavy and spicy. Not to my liking. Still prefer the traditional prawn mee soup. I liked the gravy of the claypot yong tau foo. Accompany with a bowl of white rice, good ~😋

Croissants are expensive but good! My family love them! If you buy home, please warm them before eating. My sis and niece liked the mushroom croissant which is the most pricey flavour. 😅

Been a while since my last visit. It was a last minute decision and was lucky restaurant manager called back my missed call. He was nice enough to squeeze me a table for 2 persons for an hour. Their food portion is always too big for me. So I only had starter and sides. Serving bread was warm and soft. Ordered lobster & corn chowder which served in a glass bottle. It was piping hot when served. And also ordered my favourite lobster mac & cheese. I liked theirs as it is not using cheddar so not that heavy. However, don’t be like me to order both dishes at one dinner if you are small eater. Cause you would feel heavy and won’t be able to enjoy the Mac & Cheese! 😅

Just happened to visit this restaurant and bar for a drink on a Friday afternoon. Order their house wines, chicken skin and salt & vinegar fries. Surprisingly, the food is good! Not oily and the sauce elevated the food! Was a happy new found venue for me. Atmosphere was good. A place for you to drop by and drinks with friends. Will definitely come back!

Surprisingly the cream croquettes were great! It were hot and creamy. So far these were best I had eat!

Their snow skin is soft and I like their texture. My favourite is their osmanthus honey truffle. However the price vs size of the mooncake seem steep for me. More a “luxury” buy for me.

Clockwise: durian, lemon & yuzu, classic New York, milo dinosaur, orea cookie and cream. I don’t eat durian but my family mention the durian cheesecake was nice. I will say their cheesecake not very cheesy or too sweet. A good balance in term of the taste between the cheese and the different flavours.

Ordered their bubble milk tea. Their tea tasted premium and quality. Pearls were soft and chewy. So far, my favourite brand!

Forgot to take the picture of the corndogs. Bought mozzarella corndog, cheddar corndog and chicken w potatoes. I tried the cheddar corndog. The hot dog was fresh. Neither any strong meat smell nor tasted like processed meat. I am not really a hotdog person but I loved this! Together with the crispy skin coated with sugar, it was perfect. Their fried chicken was good as well which comes in either sweet and spicy OR soy and with some potatoes. Definitely will go back for more of these! 😋

Chicken satay, Fried Kway Teow, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rice
Ordered this via Oddle Eats. Food came on time and were well packed. The chicken was tender for all 3 dishes. I usually preferred roasted chicken than white skin ones but I love theirs. Suitable for elderly who has difficulty biting hard food due to teeth problem. Fried Kway Teow was average. Overall my family was happy with the order.

Ordered from Grab. Food delivered on time and still hot. Soup was separately packed and a good portion. It was not as flavourful or sweet comparing to those popular ones. Prawn was deshelled and cleaned. Overall verdict on the food itself, I am could not say I love it but I got no complaint. Average!