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Situated at Bukit Timah Plaza, this gem serves Aged Meat as its specialty, and it definitely make this korean restaurant stands out among its competitors.

After grilling by the professional korean server, the aged black pork belly was juicy and tender. Every chew in the mouth was a delight.

Friendly servers, great free flow side dishes, and one of the best korean bbq meat I've tried so far. Definitely coming back again

Note: You must order 2 servings of a same type of meat. Cannot order 1 serving of Type A and another 1 serving of Type B. Weird rule but the 2 servings were just nice for 2 pax

$8.90 for one stick of wagyu with steak sauce? Suggest that you get their wagyu don instead 🤔


Quite a generous portion of it. The mentai sauce is on the saltier side.

Not a must-order though

Apparently the usual rice for this don is $16.90, but it is now @ $12.90

Decent meal, mix in the egg to coat the rice and meat with the creamy yolk and egg white. The red ginger helped to cut the otherwise heavy taste of the beef and sauce. wasn't a memorable meal. A few beef pieces were slightly on the tougher side. And even if the red ginger and green onions, the don was rather jelak towards the end

Might be better if I order their specialty, ehich is the steamboat looking beef-pork platter


Such a big generous plate for only $5.50?!
What a steal

Towards the end of it, it can be rather jelak as the cream sauce starts to get cloying

Decent plate of spaghetti, but I will recommend his seafood spaghetti or even his special menu of the day! Ask the friendly owner and he will be glad to tell you

5 for $7

Simple old school style fried chicken wings. Juicy on the inside, crisp on the outside. No ketchup or chili sauce is needed.

Good sides to try

Crab Meat with White Wine Spaghetti ($8.90)

This is the special menu of the day when I went on Friday.

After trying here for at least 3 times, I believe that his specialty lies in 🍝. The noodles were cooked al dente, and the sauce helped the simulate the appetite with the spicy kick. The portion of crab meat was generous.

Best part? Friendly chef that cooks with a fiery passion. Seeing him excited and proud of his food also increases one's appetite 😀

$4 for a generous scoop

It doesn't look like a lot with the top part being flat instead of the usual round ball shape, but it is actually quite a decent amount with the cup filled to the brim

Can taste the roasted aroma of Hojicha. However, I find it a little too sweet. Texture wise it is very creamy as Gelato should be

Sidenote: They have a new chicken floss flavor. Do give it a try, it is actually decent.

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Waffles is definitely on the saltier side, which is balanced well with the sweet creamy Gelato

I believe its $9 for a single scoop with waffles?


Chewy noodles, Delightful soup
Queue can be rather long but fast

The first place that came to my mind when I think about having a bowl of comforting Ban Mian

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Not the cheapest, but worth the buy once in a while to treat yourself

Not a chocolate lover, but this is really good. The chocolate does not *burn* the throat or feel too 'jelak'

It was smooth and easy to bite

Truffles (2 for $7.50): one of the best. Get the milk chocolate

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$20+ for this monster

The beef itself were tender and juicy enough

Eating this was a challenge though with the content falling apart each time I try to eat it. In the end, we got to separate the layers to eat it to avoid looking like a barbarian

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