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Mister Wu 21/06/19 Met up with a friend for a buffet dinner at Mister Wu. Buffet details: 1) $29 per pax (Min 2 pax) > $19.14 nett per pax (After 40% Chope discount) 2) Limited to first 20 pax 3) Weekdays: 1830H - 2130H Saturdays: 1130H - 1430H & 1830H - 2130H Overall, the buffet had many notable dishes including the truffled carrot cake (Strong truffle aroma and flavour), XO sauce cheong fan (Could not exactly taste the XO sauce but loved the texture of the rice roll), truffle shroom la mian (Really strong truffle flavour and sweet sauce coating the noodles), braised pork rice (Thick layers of pork) and the hibiki seafood la mian (Broth was strong and had a slight 'burn' when going down your throat; perhaps due to the Hibiki whiskey?). The desserts were also a highlight of this buffet, their red bean rice cake, sakura and melon crystal balls all being really good to pair with some warm tea. I do not mind going back to the buffet though certainly ordering a lot less in future. It is extremely value-for-money for the quality and variety of dishes and tea offered. Would recommend for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends! Tips: 1) Do not be stupid and eat some cookie dough before going for a buffet like I did 2) Order only 1 piece of each dim sum first! 3) La mian / rice dishes are NORMAL SIZE SERVINGS, do NOT over order 4) Save space for the desserts and variety of tea! Price: 9/10 Taste: 9/10 Overall: 9/10 See more at:
Premium dim sum buffet at pocket friendly prices with Abalone Siew Mai, Prawn Dumpling 😋, Truffle Carrot Cake and even Hibiki Seafood La Mian!! . . Dim sum buffet at S$29 per pax. . *t&c applies, check @misterwutea for more details. . Where to dine? Mister Wu 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row, 01-44/45, Singapore 048660
Dim Sum Buffet ($29+). This modern teahouse at Pickering Street has been introducing premium Chinese tea to us in a fun and accessible way, since opening its doors last September. And now, they've introduced an ala carte dim sum buffet at a very affordable price. 🔸 Here's some items that you should order for this dim sum buffet: * Hibiki Whiskey La Mian (max one serving) - potent broth here, even before adding the Hibiki whiskey. It is sweet and sharp due to lots of seafood and 酸菜 in it, and there's some spiciness from the use of 野山椒 as well. * Abalone Siew Mai - an elevated version of the classic pork dumpling, topped with a plump abalone that's bigger than the siew mai itself. * Truffle Carrot Cake - pillowy soft radish cake tossed with fried egg, chives, and truffle oil. * Liu Sha Bao - generous flow of rich, sweet custard within deep fried mantou. Genius idea to incorporate what we love when we had chilli crabs. 🔸 And I thought, they are serving dim sum better than those served at some hotel's dim sum buffet. So it's a good deal if you don't need hotel ambience. 🔸 [Disclosure: I'm a personal friend of Mister Wu's boss]
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Interesting flavours But Melts Quickly Come if u don’t mind having melted gelato! Flavours were real interesting and the people even more so? So apparently Burpplers have a limit of tasting 3 flavours, so choose wisely! The chrysanthemum and lychee flavour was yums but combined when melted... not so much. Nice place to hang with friends as there’s seating space but do note that apart from the vents (as seen in the pic) there are no fans around so could be pretty hot when the vents are off. Company makes it all better tho
perhaps better known for their popsicles Finally tried the gelato here! Got the double scoop ($6.50 + $0.70 per premium flavour) + drink (~$5 + $1 for ice) set under burpple beyond. The pistachio was nutty but rather sweet. Interestingly, the cereal milk tasted exactly like fruit loops with small bits of cereal inside - I liked that it different from usual renditions! The peanut butter & jelly tasted like Reese, but the jam was a little odd. Our favourite was actually the coffee caramel - which had no hint of caramel, but a strong coffee flavour with lingering bitterness. I wasn’t a big fan as I found the ice cream too sweet, and was disappointed because it melted very quickly (we had 1/3 cup full of melted ice cream at the end, that none of us who stomach finishing). The drinks weren’t anything to shout about either!
Waffle With Double Scoops Ice Cream They hv very unique ice cream flavour, awesome! Yuzu chrysanthemum drink is best for a hazey/warm afternoon.
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Triple Scoop ($8.90) Finally visited The Humble Scoop, which I’ve been wanting to try because they have quite a few interesting local flavours. It’s a small shop in Katong Shopping Centre and they have various flavours on rotation. Sampled the flavours and decided to get the flavours: orh-be-good (pulut hitam), gam-ba-teh (earl grey milk tea) and orh haw~ (hawthorn berry). Also quite liked their mango sorbet, which tasted like a good mango pudding, and their old school chocolate, which was a really rich, dark chocolate that I’d normally go for but wasn’t in the mood haha. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Of the three flavours, my favourite was the hawthorn one because it tastes completely like hawflakes and is really refreshing as a sorbet. It’s not too sweet or creamy, so I really liked it! The other favours were quite good too. The pulut hitam ice cream doesn’t taste overly of coconut milk and the glutinous rice isn’t hard like it can be in some ice creams. It really tastes like the dessert! The earl grey one has a creamier texture, but it still has a strong tea fragrance and there are tea leaves inside. Would prefer it to be a bit less creamy, but it’s still quite nice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Overall quite a good try! A pity that the flavours of muah chee or cereal milk weren’t available when I went bc they sound amazing!!! They update their flavours daily on their instagram so you can check it out before you go down. Will go again next time when those flavours are available!
Humble Ice Cream Stall In The Basement Of A Quiet Shopping Centre This 10-month old stall has some pretty interesting ice cream flavors such as In-Kueh-dible (salted coconut & gula melaka), Orh-Bee-Good (pulut hitam), guava sour plum, and sugarcane. Tried the In-Kueh-dible and Orh-Bee-Good and I liked both .. creamy and not too sweet.
Enjoyable Locally-inspired Flavoured Ice-creams (Single Scoop: $3.90, Double Scoops: $6.90, Triple Scoops: $8.90. Add $1 Per Scoop For Premium Flavours And For The Waffle Cone) It’s funny that it took an American dude to introduce me to an ice-cream shop opened by three young Singaporeans that happens to specialise in locally-inspired flavours. Nine-months-old @the.humblescoop is situated in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre, very close to the food court with the famous chicken rice stall. They don’t have that many seats in there but based on what I saw, most customers do take-away anyway. Before making my final pick, I could not resist sampling a few of the other flavours because the descriptions were too tempting and the names, cute enough to elicit chuckles. Overall, I found their ice-cream good - it’s thick, smooth, rich and creamy, and the flavours did not lack in robustness. I enjoyed my eventual choice - a single scoop of “In-Kueh-Dible” (salted coconut and #gulamelaka) but was more than happy to steal some of @timtimtokyo’s “Black Sesame Paste” too because that one really rocks! Another flavour that impressed me a lot which I feel is worth getting is the “Sugar Cane with Lemon”. It tastes just like the real thing because well, it’s made from the actual drink.
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