I stuffed my face with momos, roti, and butter chicken here, and everything was amazingly tasty without leaving you feeling heavy afterwards. The owner is lovely and will tell you proudly that she makes everything from scratch, uses fresh ingredients, and never microwaves premade food. The butter chicken uses no cream (cream isn't genuine), instead achieveing the creaminess using blended cashews and yogurt. You can literally taste the love in all of her dishes.

A real hidden gem - come here to get away from the chaos and have some amazing homemade Nepalese food.

Came here with a group of friends after dinner. We were pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste of the waffles! For ice cream, we chose Oreo Cheesecake, Blood Orange, and Coffee Caramel. Oreo Cheesecake was the favourite, followed by Coffee Caramel. The Blood Orange was too sweet (clearly an artificial sweetness) such that we couldn’t taste much of the original fruit. Although the flavours were nice, they weren’t mindblowing either. Just a regular ice cream and waffle place with nice ambience!

For drinks we shared a Hot Chocolate and the Poppy Lemonade. Both were decent, and not too sweet especially for the Hot Chocolate.

Overall pleasant to go with a group of friends! They had outdoor seating but it rained so it was wet.

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Wouldn’t have ventured here without the beyond promotion, and with it I must say it is incredibly value for money. The froyo itself is a decent quality, and there are a wide range of toppings to choose from! The sauces are alright, but not amazing (they tend to be quite sweet and not the best texture compared to Llao Llao). However with any discount on this I would go back again.

Using the Burpple 1-for-1 deal on this meant that these two pies + drinks cost us $13.50 in total. The S’Mores pie was nice and ‘gao’, a pretty clean chocolate flavour. It was good but when put next to Camp Symmetry, it paled in comparison. Camp Symmetry had truffle infused into the cookie, and though initially apprehensive, it turned out to be such a hit. There was a complexity to the flavours that complimented each other perfectly. I never thought I would miss truffle in a dessert, but this has got me wanting more.

Tried the black and white (regular) wanton mee, and was surprised how sweet all the dishes were! Makes sense because several Thai dishes seem to be on the sweet side (i.e. pad thai). Everything was well seasoned and cooked. Perhaps the most enjoyable bit was the additional wantons we ordered. Filling was nice and crisply fried. Overall would definitely order again!

Damage per person was around $5-$6

Got the rose pistachio ice cream which surprised me initially at how pleasant it was, light, floral and nutty without feeling like I was eating a flower. The brownie was a good complement to it, rich and chocolately.

My friend got the charcoal waffle which was the chewy type, and the charcoal flavour was present. Not sure how to feel about that but the milo ice cream made up for it.

It was really quiet on a weeknight and they had a 1-for-1 mains promotion across their menu items so we didn’t need to use burpple to redeem the offer! Salted egg sauce was nice, and everything was cooked decently. The truffle chicken wasn’t overpowering, and my friend enjoyed it too. A very hearty (and heaty) meal that left us satisfied!


Stopped by Sugarhaus for dessert, there wasn’t much seating available so we sat outside on a small table. Nice ambience even without aircon. The burpple beyond deal was too much for three people to share. We got two waffles, each with two scoops of ice cream.

The waffles here aren’t the fluffy kind. They were very crisp and not doughy, but I realised that once they soak up the ice cream they become softer. Overall it really wasn’t my type of waffle, because I could barely taste the waffle in the light of the crisp (almost crunchy) texture. Personal preference, though.

Ice cream flavours we got - cinnamon (was quite nice and refreshing), dutch chocolate (very gao and rich, not too sweet, very nice), raspberry sorbet (melted v quickly but quite liked the sour and sweet balance), and banana (decent, true to the banana taste and not artificial flavour).

Overall not bad for a catch up with friends, and hopefully the type of waffles they do here are your cup of tea!

Was surprised that the aburi salmon mentaiko don (grain bowl) was a cold dish because the salmon was already in a salmon mayo form. That made it slightly underwhelming. There was a strong mayo taste which I didn’t mind, but may get gelak after a while for some. An average dish, probably wouldn’t recommend everyone try it.

The pork belly miso, however, was delicious. Two fat pieces of melty pork belly, mamee noodles for crunch (it worked really well!), a softboiled egg, and two types of seasoned vegetables atop a bed of Japanese rice. The combination of flavours and textures were very pleasant and I would definitely eat this again.

It was $16++ per bowl, but used entertainer so after GST it came out to $17.12 for the two bowls. A steal!

Discovered this place through the Chope vouchers and my goodness everything here is amazing. Though the spread for the mains are not extravagant on a weekday lunch, everything is of excellent quality. Even the appetisers and desserts have me going back for more.

Lovely ambience for a quiet date, a fancy brunch, a birthday celebration.. really feels like such a treat yourself kind of place without the price tag to match.

We came here for lunch, not dessert (perhaps next time) and were not expecting much but the food was well cooked and piping hot when it was served, which i’m sure added to the “shiok” factor. The green curry pasta was al dente, just barely spicy and slightly on the heavy (gao) side, which I was quite fond of. It had good fragrance, similar to the miso mushroom pasta. The miso flavour was also quite strong but not a problem if you’re into that kind of thing, which I think most Singaporeans are, really.

We sat upstairs in the aircon and the place had a nice vibe, though seating was limited especially with students occupying several tables to study. A pleasant little nook to hang out at and study/read a book. Using Beyond, we spent about $13.90 total.

It was packed on a weeknight when we went, but the service staff were generally attentive and food came quickly too. This was perfect to feed two mouths, and the food tasted excellent - well seasoned, flavourful, fresh, with a variety of textures to keep things interesting. The purple rice was not just eye candy, but also surprisingly delicious and perfectly cooked. Would definitely recommend this outlet especially if you are using Beyond! Will be back.