peanut butter shake with strawberry jam. thick and creamy, a really good cup of milkshake!

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amazing rosti that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


dry version is their signature, and i must say i really loved this fusion dish. the meatball has a tinge of alcohol to it. the pork (torched!) slightly on the sweet side. they were generous with the pork lard, which was crispy and goooood. my friend opted for add-on onsen ($1) which looked really amazing too. didn't succumb to the temptation of king prawns (seasonal and apparently it's HUGE this time), but do try if you're a prawnaholic.

tastes so good! slightly spicy but it balances out the savory tast very well. topped with bonito flakes, filled with generous amount of shrimps. mixing the runny egg in makes it extra smooth and flavourful.


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super thin crust that's so crispy. the truffle smell made me turn my head away from the ongoing conversation, but it's not too overpowering at the same time. loving it!

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affordable price, the unagi's good albeit bony. the sauce was too salty for my liking, didn't finish the rice as a result.

(#01-29) 麵
options of $4 and $5 available, but you'll not regret the $5 one. there's always a queue, so you'll not miss the stall unless you reach before dinner time (we ate around 6.30pm?). wet version of the hokkien mee, sweeter than you'll expect but makes me crave for more!


Nice fusion presented here. Love the creamy laksa sauce that wasn't too spicy. Good for sharing if you're afraid of it being too gelate for you, but I totally wouldn't mind finishing a whole plate myself :p Even cheaper, for I got it 1-for-1!



Yummy for anyone who is a fan of 黑糯米 (pulut hitam). Instead of coconut milk, it's topped with coconut icecream, making this really refreshing. The caramel crumble bits was good too, adding sweetness to this dessert. (not really sure where was the pistachio paste hidden in this dish) Got this dessert as part of the 3-course set lunch they have for weekday 12-3pm.

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Finally got some time to go out for a proper meal and a great one it was!

Man Man Unagi Restaurant has been on my wish list for the longest time and I'm so glad to have tried this place. I understand now why this restaurant garners such long queues.

The large hitsumabushi (S$39.80+) comes with three different styles of eating - by its own, with condiments such as wasabi and with broth. The unagi is so fresh, evident from all the live eels in the tank.

It was such a satisfying meal. I will definitely be back for more.

Got this at promotional price, I got a huge shock when the waiter delivered this HUGE bowl, cuz it looked so small and meh on the menu!! The bread bowl was unexpectedly crispy, and I totally love it when it's dipped into the chilli crab sauce. Served with 2 crabs, the meat was fresh and tender, I really enjoyed every bit of it :D

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If only the pasta has a bit more colourful garnishing, it wouldn't look that black.. They ran out of squid apparently, but was nice to change it to prawns for us :) Loving the way the pasta was made, wasn't too tough nor overcooked. You can taste seafood in the squid ink pasta, which I really like!