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A very quaint cafe hidden in Eunos/Kembangan area. Love the vibes and how homey this place felt.

The food room about 20-25 mins to be prepared but that’s because everything is made from scratch and they seem to have limited staffing.

We ordered the creamy mushroom pasta, breakfast plate and shakshuka and I think the best item was the shakshuka. Will definitely come back to have that again, especially with the 1-1 burpple beyond.

American diners really makes the best breakfast.
This was comforting in the cold and the pancakes were everything I needed it to be, especially since I first landed.
The scrambled eggs were not too salty and had a smooth texture - a good mix of structural integrity while being wet enough to slurp.
The French toast was slightly too sweet, but that was because of too much maple syrup. Nothing that can’t be fixed

Nothing spectacular to write home about.
Tastes like a rather average bowl of truffle wagyu Don. Have definitely tasted better options out there. BUT. That being said, with the 1-1, this comes out to about $8.50 a bowl and it’s value for money. If you’re paying full price, then burning oak and waa cow might be a better choice.

This place is still the best hands down.
To be honest, I don’t patronize this place for their chicken, but for the black and pepper soup that they serve as part of additional service. If you order more than half a chicken, they’ll give you both types of soups and they are really good. The meat in the soups are substantial and really well cooked. The broth is flavorful and very comforting.

The chicken and rice itself is above the average of what you’ll find in singapore. And the standards are consistent EVERYTIME I come, which is rare for such a popular establishment.

The food was quite average but definitely value for money. Fish were relatively fresh and service was quite fast, which we appreciated since it was a Tuesday evening.
The area was quite small with half a dozen tables or so hence we waited for about 15 mins before getting seated during dinner peak hour, which I thought was reasonable.
If you’re looking for cheap and affordable fish bowls, then here is the plce to be! But there are definitely better options elsewhere for slightly more money.


Portions were quite small for the price. But quality was good. One thing we went back for was the tiramisu. It was a huge bowl and can definitely be shared

Just a normal to go pizza.

Bomb dot com.
Complimentary alcohol while waiting for our table. Staff even provided us with samples so that we know how each pizza tastes prior to ordering

My go to place for soup or wanton noodles in Bangkok. I’ve always wondered why there were so many pictures with celebrities visiting this place plastered on their walls and Everytime I come back for a bowl of comforting noodles, I understand why.

This was so good.
We asked for extra soup and they gave us a huge portion to top up our noodles with. The broth is rich and flavorful and the beef was very soft and tender.

Told the bartender our favorite types of cocktails and the flavor nodes we were looking for then told her to freestyle it and surprise us.
She hit the spot perfectly with her well crafted drinks. Never a disappointment here!

This place has great ambience and value for money. The staff here are really friendly too! The sashimi we had was very fresh and the portions a pretty huge. Enjoyed myself here!