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Fel Tan
Fel Tan

This place is still the best hands down.
To be honest, I don’t patronize this place for their chicken, but for the black and pepper soup that they serve as part of additional service. If you order more than half a chicken, they’ll give you both types of soups and they are really good. The meat in the soups are substantial and really well cooked. The broth is flavorful and very comforting.

The chicken and rice itself is above the average of what you’ll find in singapore. And the standards are consistent EVERYTIME I come, which is rare for such a popular establishment.

Told the bartender our favorite types of cocktails and the flavor nodes we were looking for then told her to freestyle it and surprise us.
She hit the spot perfectly with her well crafted drinks. Never a disappointment here!

If you’ve had shake shack before, then this tastes standard to the ones in Dubai, Boston and Japan. For first timers, I don’t recommend the normal cheese burger as it can be underwhelming for people who have bought into the hype. But the shack stack is pretty good as it’s a differentiating burger from other fast food chains.

Felt like this place has been overhyped for a while now. 2nd time visiting this place and despite it serving noodles that delightful, there’s nothing much to write home about - not warrent such long waits.

I visited on a Sunday at 6pm and we were told that it’ll be a 20 min wait but it turned out to be 40 mins instead.

We went back to order the cold salad dish but were also sorely disappointed by it. I would recommend getting the fried rice with pork chop (which is not in the frame of my picture since my dad had started shoving it down his throat once it got served). But it was much better than the noodles, in my opinion.

The family came to the consensus that we will rather pay a bit more to have DTF at the comfort, speed and service that comes with the higher price point.

This was a nice balance of milk and matcha. Unlike some other cafes that have a overwhelming milk taste, this was earthy but pleasant.

Creamy and smooth but doesn’t overwhelm the coffee taste. Highly recommend!

Portions were huge and very tasty - worth the low prices. I must admit I was quite surprised by the quantity and quality of the food.

The service was also great and the 2 servers were very friend and generous.


Soup was extremely sweet, which is right up my alley. I very much prefer this to Jalan Sultan and Beach Road prawn mee. Not for those who prefer more savory bases.

Very rich and heavy.

Queue is always pretty long and the last few times the waiting time was 45 mins to an hour.
Recommend to come on off peak period where reservations are not blocked out.

Even without 1-1 it’s so worth the price.
The people serving are really friendly too.

The portions are generous and fresh.
Highly recommend to everyone!


This was a surprising dish as chicken burgers are usually dry and made from chicken breast. This, on the other hand, is juicy and succulent.

Also, I don’t generally enjoy fries from other western restaurants (McDs are the only ones I eat) but I finished the entire basket of fries.

A quaint eatery - other than the fact that the queue during peak periods is pretty crazy.

The service is really nice here and the dumplings are quite good. Our favorites has got to be the pierogi and Sichuan dumpling. It’s something different to offer and they do it well.

As for the noodles, it’s nothing mind blowing but a good ‘side dish’ to the dumplings - the roles have reserved.


Fel Tan

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