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Fish Ball Noodle Not feeling well since yesterday, so my bf brought me to have a famous fish ball noodle in Kelana Jaya. Their signature food is seafood noodle but too bad I cant have it. We have order 2 bowls of fish ball noodle(7.50 each bowl) , small set of mix fried beancurd skin(4) and fried fish cake(5.50). Their fish ball soup broth is quite good, the handmade fish ball is very chewy and nice. I super love their mix fried beancurd skin and fried fish cake because is very crispy and not oily. 8.5/10
100% freshness. Fish seafood noodles which cost RM18. Went there on a public holiday and it was so crowded. If you’re selling good food, it doesn’t matter if you’re the only stall in such a big kopitiam. Some said not salty enough, some said it tasted “healthy”. What say you?
Sok Chien
For Opulent Seafood Noodles Located in the sleepy SS4 part of Kelana Jaya, this endearing coffeeshop is saluted for its deluxe seafood noodles. The Teochew-style dish is a luxury in KL considering that only a handful of these seafood noodles stalls still subsist, so if you're in the area, go ahead and make the trawl for a fresh fish lunch! Though housed in a humble shoplot (which toggles to tai chow service at night), B & Best's eats comes with a price — from RM13 a bowl depending on add-ons. The selection of fish is laid out in a ice chiller for the taking, from local favourite Seabass (RM13) to collagen-rich Pearl Grouper (RM20). But if you're not planning to get hands-on in picking out your fish, go by our best bets: the plump Oysters (from RM5) and the Red Snapper (RM13) for its prized, melt-in-your-mouth cheeks. Ask for your choice of noodles, which will come bathed in their clear, fish-fragrant soup. The not-so-secret success at B & Best? Their kickass sweat-inducing sambal chilli sauce. Avg price per person: RM25 Photo by Burppler Anna Wong
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Featured In 1 Guide
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