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The dishes we ordered were pretty decent, coupled with the lady boss’s passionate outcry of her fresh ingredients and sedap-ness of dishes.
Unfortunately, when it came to this last dish, Assam Fish Head ($38), every family member of mine thought that the Snapper was not fresh at all and the sauce is utterly weird... When we feedback to the lady boss, she got really defensive and brought a RAW “fresh” fish out of the kitchen, with a knife and place on our table to prove her point. Hmm... pretty scary
And it’s PRICEY, seriously, $289 for 7 dishes...

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Happy Saturday happy pineapple tarts!

Thanks to Dana and @outofthecakebox I got to make a bunch of delicious, melt in your mouth, colorful flower pineapple tarts! Love them, can’t stop eating them....

It’s Out of the Cake Box’s third anniversary so many of their classes are on sale now! Quick try some! They are such a steal at $53.33, $73.33!

Located in a cafe buzzing area, it’s pretty limited in its menu offerings compared to the rest. But the coffee’s its best best. Damage: RM32


Very fragrant Nasi, freshly deep-fried Ayam (can choose somemore), shiok sambal. RM7.


First time trying their Portuguese egg tart and I was totally blown away by that rich custard and super flaky crust.


Value-for-money Thai set lunches (include Thai iced tea & dessert) under RM15! Soup has that kick but I was rly won over by that huge cuppa Thai iced tea.


Was pretty skeptical about their limited food menu but bam, this is worth a pleasant shout-out. Baked eggs with cheese, avo, smoked salmon ($16.80) with tortilla nestled at the bottom, this dish is done with pride cos the avos are ripe (basics that many cafes neglect) and the spice on the top is necessary, mozzarella is subtle and very delightful. ALL the elements just complement one another to create a wholesome dish. Bravo. Not bias at all but the sandwiches were pretty A* too. Simple ingredients, so minimalist but 10/10. White cold brew had mild sweet tones which I enjoyed very much!


Waited 45 mins for this; off-peak, barely a few tables occupied.

Very 'eggy' bread (the ones we whip up for a last min breakfast) , sour kaya ganache that not only has a weird colour, but taste and texture, desiccated coconut that's reminiscent of phoon huat packaged ones. The saving grace was the ice cream and that splash of Gula Melaka.

Not too sweet but the elements just do not blend well. I had to pair everything with the ice cream to get some sense of what the dish was dreaming to be like. $15.90. I'll rather go for the real deal that's one decimal place behind.


$8 for a set of med. soup (featured here is Italian minestrone) & a classic popiah which is such a winner!! Really love their rendition of this traditional favourite. The crystal-like popiah skin and generous elements wrapped in it is 10/10.


Not the best but it's a reliable spot for some good dim sum!!


Still retained 90% of its original outlook. And a good ol' mee pok dry.


Double premium beef patties, double cheese!! $14.90 worth it.