*Mr Dakgalbi is one of the famous chain restaurants which offers a good Dak Galbi experience for foodies in Malaysia. Not sure whether it is Halal-certified.

We ordered the Mr Dakgalbi Pan Grill Set which is the signature dish on the menu. Stir-fried chicken marinated in the secret traditional Korean chilli sauce recipe complimented with Sliced Potato, Sliced Cabbage, Scallion, and Rice Cake. Once ingredients are well prepared, the waiter will start to stir-fry to assemble the Dal-Galbi.

Diners may choose to add on ala carte dishes for full course experience โ€“ Fried Rice, Ramen, Udong, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Cheese, Rice Cake, Dakgalbi, Octopus, Shrimp and Steam Rice. A series of basic free-flow banchan arrives shortly after placing an order โ€“ kimchi, pickled radish and vegetable salad.

Once the food is ready, a stainless steel cover surrounding the pan will be removed and diners may start to dig in. The best part happens right after diners had finished most of the Dak-Galbi in the pan, a waiter will stop by and proceed with chopping everything into bite-sized then adding steam rice and cheese into the pan and continue the second stir-fry procedure. The end result will be the Dak-Galbi fried rice with melting cheese sticky all around.

If you love spicy food then this restaurant definitely is the best place for you to visit!

Price: bill came up to RM70++ for 2 pax

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If youโ€™re looking for a restaurant that masters the art of chocolate dessert.... look no more!

The crepe was loaded with fresh fruit and topped with chocolate, a chocolate spread that comes with the dish and is served live. To start with, the crepe is too chewy, the fruits inside were meh, too cold, the chocolate was overly sweet and gooey. Itโ€™d would be better if the crepe served was warm and the chocolate to be hot and not too sweet. I only ate a single bite, it's really too much.

The layered crepe was served with all the three types of chocolate drizzles - white, dark and milk chocolate. It has a thin layer of brownies in it, which I felt like it overpowered the taste of the crepe. Again, this is too sweet for my liking but chocolate lovers will probably appreciate this place more than I do.

Price: RM30+ each (before service charge)


The black charcoal toast was slightly denser and drier than the original toast. Honestly, Iโ€™d suggest you to opt for the Original toast instead.

The mentaiko was lightly torched on the surface of the toast, coupled with mentaiko mayonnaise in the lava fillings, which surprisingly wasnโ€™t jelak at all. But one thing for sure, it was addictive enough for me to wipe the brioche across the lava to soak up all that goodness.

Price: $15.90+

My prawn noodles comes with a generous amount of kang kong, beansprouts, fishcakes, three fat prawns and clams. The broth is very flavourful, sweet and thick. Definitely thicker than your traditional prawn noodles's broth.

You can choose between yellow mee, bee hoon or kway teow noodles and apparently they fried their own shallots so plus point to that!

A normal bowl of prawn noodles cost $3.50 but customers can also opt for prawn noodles with added clams ($6.50), crayfish ($12.50) and even one whole lobster ($28.50).


Creamier is one of my favourite place to get my waffles and ice-cream cravings fix! They offers a huge selection of ice-cream flavours and their waffles are usually served crispy and hot, drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce and topped with the ice-cream of your choice.

It's my first time trying out their Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and to my surprise, it tasted exactly like a blended version of kinder bueno and ferrero rocher! Their Sea Salt Gula Melaka never fails to disappoint me.

I went during their peak hours and it took them a while to serve my waffles, which was surprisingly cold and not crispy. Felt like it was made beforehand and was left out in room temperature before being served to me. Maybe it was just my unlucky day? Nevertheless I'm definitely coming back for their ice-cream ๐Ÿ˜‹

Price: $3.50 (single scoop) / $6 (double scoop)
$13 (2 waffles + 2 scoops of ice-cream)

This is THE place where you can get your nasi lemak customisable with side dishes like lodeh, rendang, curry and wide selection of ala-carte items like chicken seaweed, omelette, chicken wings, otah, hotdog, fish, etc ($0.70-$2).

Really love their chillax ambiance and concept. The rice was fragrance and they have two types of sambal that you can choose from. I opt for the normal one but it was too salty to my liking. Maybe it was just my unlucky day?

Definitely coming back here again if I'm around the area but if I'm really craving for a good plate of classic nasi lemak, I'll give this place a miss and drive myself to Changi instead.

But hey............ FREE FLOW of rice and sambal so I guess no complaints though ๐Ÿ˜

Price: $4 onwards

Looking for a guilt free fast food? This is definitely the place to go and I personally feel that everything on their menu is worth a try.

Their burgers are actually really good. The buns are fresh and fluffy, and the menu choice is extensive.... although mostly burgers. The grilled patty really taste like meat when in actual fact, it's either a soy or mushroom patty. Oh, their truffle fries ($7.90) is a MUST try too.

My top 3 burger recommendations are: Creamy Shrooms, Smoky BBQ and Avocado Beetroot

I've dine here more than five times and the food has always been consistent. Service is fast, prices slightly on higher side though (a complete meal with side & drink roughly cost around $14-18). Located just across street from Eunos MRT.

When I first heard about this bistro, I was pretty skeptical.... ice creams made from organic brown rice and other plant based ingredients? Hmm ๐Ÿค”

And just like any other ice cream parlours, you can sample their ice cream before making your decision. I highly recommend their Matcha, Gula Melaka and Black Sesame flavours! The match taste was strong and flavourful. It's hard to believe that there's no dairy found in all the ice cream here, yet they all taste like normal ice cream but just a little diluted compare to gelato.

Fun fact: each scoop of Brownice Ice Cream consists of a maximum of 150 calories which is 1/3 lesser calories than other ice cream out in the market. And it contains only 3% fat.

Price: $4 with cone


"A mountain of their signature sweet nachos served with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, peach, pineapples, raisins, almonds, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup."

It's my first time having pannenkoek, which is a large Dutch pancake, in a form of crispy nachos and I think it's worth a try! Definitely a dish meant to be shared among 2-4 pax as you'll get "jelak" of it after a while.

Price: $13.90

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"Premium smoked salmon with crispy lettuce, avocado, sunny eggs, onion rings, tomatoes, fries, lemon wedge and cream fraiche" taken from menu.

Sadly, mine didn't come with any onion rings but it was replaced with green bell peppers instead. No complaints though but they were very generous with their avocado spread! So that's always a plus point. But overall, nothing special about this burger. Buns were meh, fries were okay. It's pretty much your average smoked salmon burger. But staffs were friendly and food was served within 10-15 minutes so no complaints I guess?

Price: $14.90

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The restaurant's interior is decorated with a vibrant Mexican flair, using bold colours and rustic furnishings for that indie kind of vibe. They served Mexican's food like quesadillas, tortilla pizzas, tacos, burritos and even desserts like churros.

Overall, I'd say that they serve pretty decent Mexican food with good flavours and textures. Staffs were friendly, ambience were good, but serving time is excruciatingly slow (waited close to 30 mins for my food to be served) and serving portion is quite small to be honest. If I'm paying that much money for a taco and burrito (where I can get them at much lower price and bigger portion at Stuff'd), can't I have a slightly bigger portion here? Even the corn chips served were a bit pathetic I'd say.

Ideally, this would be the perfect place to chill and lepak over brunch/dinner with your family and friends but I'd have to give this place a miss if I'm really hungry (and cranky). Not worth the time waiting and definitely not worth the price paying if you intend to order a lot from their menu.

What we ordered:
- 1 taco
- 1 burrito
- 2 drinks

Bill came up to $65+ for two pax.

My advice? If you want to impress that special someone on your first date or just had your pay in and is in the mood to splurge, then yes, go for it. But if you're on a budget and you need to fulfil your Mexican food cravings, aiyah then just go to Stuff'd and stuff yourself with the free flow toppings. End of story.

Dude they were not joking when I requested for "extra spicy"......... like legit, every mouthful I had, had at least two piece of chopped kampung chili padi in it.

Anyway I opted for the plain version, without any meat (chicken/beef) as I wanted to have a taste of the original version beforehand and I must say, I'm pretty impressed. Served with chopped cabbage, peas, green chilies and a piece of cucumber with tomato sauce on top. Definitely one of the better maggi goreng that I've had thus far ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Price: $4 (plain) / $6 (with chicken or beef)