Chose the thicker noodles and I liked it!! V qq 😋 but I felt like the chili was wayy too oily and not fragrant enough.

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Love the freshness and tenderness of the fish! This fish also doesn't have any of the dreaded fishiness! Love how the green chili peppers provide a good balance of 麻 (numb) and 辣 (spicy) without being too overpowering. Very 香 (fragrant) as well!

One of the best 辣子鸡s I've had in sg! The spice level is on point! Quite peppery as well. Love how they replaced the egg yolk with a sweet mango puree that gives a refreshing cleanse to your palate after having the chicken.

The isphan is the best seller and I can totally see why! Love the combi of the lychee and Rose 🥰

Got the medium and large bowls and felt like we shld have gotten the small and medium bowls instead cos the portions are HUUUUUGE! And there are substantial portions of prawns and hums inside! Love the otah as well. Chunks of prawns and fish as well 😍

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The batter was rly light so it wasn't too heavy tasting but its lightness also caused it to become soggy quickly. The seafood was rly fresh tho! I liked the bite that came with the prawns. Overall, felt that it's an okkk bowl of tendon. A good option if you're looking for something affordable in town and don't mind queueing for a bit!

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty, that is this chocolate croissant? Look at the layers!!! INSANE. Can fully comprehend why so many tout this as the best croissant in sg.

Gelatolabo has SO quickly became one of my fav spots for ice cream, knocking BOP off the charts! Every flavour we've tried is so unique, tasty, and not too sweet! Featuring the kyoto shisho and yuzu jelly here. Kyoto shisho has a flavour profile similar to mint and IT IS SO REFRESHING. And can we talk abt the lavender cone PLS. It has a v nice subtle fragrance without being too in your face! And so freshly made 🥺 pistachio ice cream lovers PLSSSS try the one here. I think its the best and most gao compared to the rest in sg

Nice fragrance from the Pandan filling and the crust is soooo buttery! It's something diff from the usual egg tart but I still prefer the classic 😬

Always wanted to try but been putting off the idea multiple times because of the price point. Saw that there was a shopback deal today so I went for it! AND I'M GLAD I DID. I loveeeee the ice cream! You can tell that it's quality ice cream because you can rly taste the milkiness and flavours without it being too sugary. There were also chunks of chocolates in the ice cream! Very decadent, but very yummy. The cone was okkkk, nothing to shout about but wasn't too shabby. Would probably try the marshmallow cones next time when I have more kcals to spare 🤫

The squid were fried to perfection! So crispy without being oily, and a v clean aftertaste! You don't get that gelatness from food fried with old oil. Also! Love how they grilled the lime v lightly to further accentuate the freshness and tanginess of the lime?!? The sauce was also topped with some fresh salted egg bits so you rly get that TOUCH of salted egg without it being too icky. LOOOVE! 🤯

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Both were SO good!!! The steak had a rly nice smoky flavour and was cooked perfectly in the inside! The beef bourguignon was slightly charred on the outside and was FORK TENDER inside 🥺 also!! Can we talk about the grilled onions and carrots they presented together w the bourguignon?!?! What an unexpectedly nice touch. There were also mushrooms soaking in all the good flavours of the stew. SO GOOD!!! And so worth it with beyond. DEFINITELY coming back whenever I'm craving a good steak/beef stew