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Crabmeat Truffle Fried Rice with Egg White ($15++) Chinese food and I have always had a long and complicated relationship. My innate distaste and consequential aversion of the ancient dining cultures of steamboat and even those whole fishes that are served with the bone-in are somehow equally matched up against the wonders and the discipline in Chinese cooking. It’s a love-hate relationship on a 9:1 scale. Fortunately, I am also a sucker for any food that seems to be out-of-place with innovative pairings, great ambience and a sizeable goblet of G&T for the evening. - Full of Luck Restaurant is nestled in the frontline of sweet home Holland Village, serving signature classic Cantonese cuisine in a setting that boasts luxury yet remaining casual enough for a Friday night catchup. If you happen to know me personally and have seen me pulling hairs out of what is left of my head, you would understand the level of excitement and stress that comes with browsing through an extensive menu where everything just looks delectable with a wallet that isn’t so...delectable. Fortunately, most of the dishes here stay true to its Cantonese roots, and sharing comes as an ease. - An item I had previously eyed on the menu was rather lacklustre, despite all the previous rave surrounding it. The Crabmeat Truffle Fried Rice with Egg White ($15++) sounded like a treat on their matted, medium-weight and black marble textured menu with gold embossing on its letterings. However, the flavours of the star components that were the truffle and the crabmeat failed to shine as bright as they should. Their Full of Luck Special Fried Rice ($14++) proved otherwise. The signature wok hei, a resilient mark of the classic stir-fry lived in every bite of the rice. - The Crispy Hakka Kurobuta Pork ($16++) was a simple dish of fried heritage Berkshire pork served with some cucumber sticks and a dollop of mustard dressing. The compotation of their beverage program may seemingly bring you to the back alley of the restaurant, where a curious red lantern swings in the windless passage. We had their Bombay Sapphire and Ki No Bi cocktails, while the youngest of the pack went for a warm and well-flavoured Mandarin Pu-Er Tea.
Chef’s Signature Honey Glazed Char Siew ($17.12) Its appearance does not do justice to how good it tastes! The honey glazed exterior had a delicate crisp, while the char siew itself was tender and delightful. The balance of fat and lean meat was just nice too! This left me craving for more :)
Firecracker Diced Chicken ($14.98) Our all-time favourite! The spice definitely does not disappoint, as our tongue and throats were so traumatised by the heat that we were literally gasping for air! Warning: please have a glass of milk by the side.
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