Sliced pork belly are well marinated and i chose medium for noodles texture. Heartwarming bowl of happiness

Seafood risotto - i love the black glutinous rice with nutty creamy sauce
Fried pork in chilli - with lots of Sichun spices
Chicken in chilli - must order dish imo
Mala sticks - not worth to mention but good for IG picture πŸ˜‚

Best to go with big group so can order everything on menu to try. Good for beer 🍺 and gathering but not a very big portion and quite pricey


Grilled chicken and kimchi biji
The chicken taste alright
Kimchi stew is not what i imagined because it cooked with soy bean paste which too salty and i felt the bean paste overpowered the kimchi.
I like the rice cooked in hotstone pot.

worst ramen ever. i ordered gyoza as side and it tasted horrible too.. will never go back.. ever..

Fried chicken is authentic korean taste and well marinated. I ordered half portion and it have 7 pieces. Seafood pancake is total disappointment. It tasted more like spring onions pancake.. Taste wise not much flavour too.. This place specialised in chicken so not much menu items. They have army stew, kimchi soup and ramyeon too.. Maybe i'll probably go back after i forget today experience πŸ˜†

If you ever go to Marina Bay Sands Casino, try this restaurant " The Nest" located at level 1 inside casino. The honey glazed chicken is the best. I been there 4 times and always order this dish. Oh, long bean with minced pork is also yum!

The winner is the braised pork. Chicken rice is ok but not as nice as I imagined. The hotplate toufu is simply not nice but still eatable.

Deep & aromatic flavours of charcoal-grilled dishes to pair with chilli seasoning mix. i just love to eat the way they are without the sauce. The also have grilled prawns which i aim to try next time.
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Steam Pot Chicken Soup, steam the chicken without adding water in a claypot. Soup is clear and lightweight in your mouth. Very nourishing. The chicken chunks from the soup can be enjoy with their unique spicy sauce which taste kind of like mala.
I love grilled seabass which is mild spicy and flavourful.
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Adrift offers $19 set lunch which come with starter, main and dessert. The menu changes frequently. I went a few time to try different set lunch. Good place for business lunch with pocket friendly price.

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1 stew, 1 meat with rice and side dishes.
I will try one main with rice or maybe noodles next time.
Go early to avoid crowd.

Not my kind of bubble tea. Expensive and taste like ash water with sugar syrup. Luckily i used burpple 1for1.