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Pork Chop with Rice Perhaps it was my lack of appreciation for this item when I was younger, seeing it as the lesser sibling of the actual Western pork chop; with only just a handful of places serving up the Hainanese Pork Chop, I find myself trying to hit up the place just to have a taste of the nostalgia. That starchy tomato-based sauce that carries a slight tang, the crisp biscuit crumb battered pork chop that carried a crunch with tender, moist meat within that does not require a bite, and those soft, fluffy, thick-cut fries that are a tad limp — all of those on the plate here reminds me of the days where such dishes are a more common find in hawker centres. Some things, I guess we would only appreciate when we age; and I am glad that I still managed to have a taste of that here with this dish served here that replicates all of those feels to a tee.
Xing Wei
Kueh Oneh Oneh Hidden in a corner of MacPherson Mall, Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies is well concealed from plain sight from the main road; only known to those who bothers to walk into the quiet mall that is yet to be completely filled up with tenants. A cultural gem that aims to preserve heritage unlike most other newly-opened food establishments these days, they serve up traditional Hainanese cuisine with its limited menu that consist of rare-to-find Hainanese-Western mains (eg. Hainanese Pork Chop Rice, Beef Stew), breakfast, Kueh Kueh and other pastries (eg. their signature Hainanese Flaky Biscuit). Really impressed with most items we got here, including the Kueh Oneh Oneh pictured here; so soft and pillowy, chewy yet does not stick to the teeth, while it contains a surprise centre of Gula Melaka that is rich, yet not overly sweet which bursts out as you reach the core of the Kueh Oneh Oneh. The desiccated coconut that tops of the Kueh Oneh Oneh is also pretty fresh as well. Kudos to Chuan Ji Bakery Hainanese Delicacies for their efforts in preserving heritage of the Hainanese food culture; a direction that not many are taking these days.
Xing Wei
Kueh Ko Swee 10 pieces for $4. Bitesize soft bouncy, coated with lots of grated coconut flakes. Totally hand made and not so sweet too. Served warm that’s really amazing.
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Lychee Oolong ($6+) This was an interesting tea selection, loved the refreshing taste of lychee! The oolong taste was a little too subtle, wished it was a little stronger! Also a cute touch to the whole experience is the hour glass by the side to signal how long before the tea leaves are soaked and the tea ready for drinking (3 minutes). I enjoyed this, along with the quaint and peaceful atmosphere of the cafe. Worth visiting for a quiet afternoon!
Antea Social Ordered a Dong Ding oolong + honey earl grey hazelnut cake. The tea was splendid - very fragrant and smooth. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole pot of it. The earl grey taste in the cake was rather subtle, cake was quite nutty hahaha. Ambience is peaceful, quiet and place is aesthetically pleasing. Would recommend this place for a relaxing afternoon or a place to read and enjoy some tea!
For Conversations Over Oriental Teas Take your loved one out for a relaxing afternoon tea session at this elegant spot – think gorgeous tea ware and furnishings straight out of Kinfolk. To ensure you'll enjoy your tea at its best, you'll be given an hourglass set for three minutes so you'll know when your tea is done steeping. Order the Peach Oolong Tea ($6) for a balanced blend of floral and earthy Oolong notes with a gentle peach aroma. Otherwise, kick it old school with the Wenshan Oolong Tea ($6) or the refreshing iced Hojicha ($6.50). Have your tea with a slice of Black Sesame ($8) cake or the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut ($8). Photo by Burppler Maureen Ow
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Hitsumabushi ($9.80) Did you say $9.80 for Hitsumabushi?!? With the opening of @UnaUna.SG a unagi specialty restaurant, get to polish off these charcoal-grilled unagi Hitsumabushi from just $9.80~ That’s value-for-money, though you might want to upsize to their Regular ($14.80) or Double ($19.80) for more Unagi.
Regular Hitsumabushi Giving the other unagi specialty restaurants a run for their money, Una Una’s Regular Hitsumabushi ($14.80) was pretty darn satisfying especially due to the fact that I didn’t have to compete with a snaking queue. Surprisingly good, the eel did not have any fishy odor and was quite plump. Fairly smoky, the best part of the charcoal-grilled unagi was the soft interior as some tend to dry out while trying to achieve the glisteningly crisp exterior in my opinion - so their rendition had both. As for the array of condiments, namely spring onions, wasabi, nori and dashi; they were pretty standard. Though my main qualms were that the dashi that lacked oomph and the slightly sweeter tare could be made more savoury. Nevertheless, it was a steal for the portion!
| 🍱 Cheap Tasty Unagi Hitsumabushi !... ~ · Unagi Hitsumabushi Double Serving - $19.80 · Freshly grilled unagi served in a rice bowl, comes with dashi and some typical garnish & condiments. The meat is flavourful, especially after adding unagi sauce, but the pickles, dashi and rice can do better. Enjoy the first portion of the hitsumabushi with its original flavours, before mixing the second portion with seaweed & spring onions. Lastly is to add in dashi to wash down all the flavours. May not be the best in the market but definitely coming back for its high CP value · Una Una
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Warrants Another Visit Came back for the second time with more companions. Ordered the chili crab risotto which was good and so soul comforting when it's still hot.But by the 3rd spoon or when it's cold,the taste get very very Jelat and you rather wish you be eating Quaker oats instead. The grilled prawns were good as usual as well the Fried calamari!- they changed the batter so it's definitely better than my first visit. Also ordered the XL clams and the Curry Mussels which taste very fresh and invigorating! The smoked fish pate were a stand out!Slap the pate on the toasted sourdough supplied from Nearby Motherdough - your tongue will dance in Heaven! It taste so damn good! The boss as usual is very very hospitable as well his staff's.All of them were so friendly.Its a great joy eating here really!
Look at the size of these cockles! We had 500g cockles $18, la-la $14, curry mussels with mantou $16 + extra 3 mantou $2, smoked fish pate with sourdough $16, sea bass nori pasta $22, and canto garoupa $26. My second time back at Scaled (without burpple beyond) and I will still come back! My family really enjoyed the food (my Uncle practically drank all the curry), atmosphere and service. Really worth a visit but remember to make a reservation!
Seabass Pasta. Another highlight for me here - the nicely brined seabass paired with nori cream pasta. The radish and tobiko were meant to offset the creaminess of the pasta but I felt worked better to provide a nice crunch to this dish!
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