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These burgers are hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had in Singapore.And they are decently priced as well: the buttermilk chicken costs $6.50 and the ordinary double is $10.20. Non-beef and vegetarian options are available as well: suitable for all walks of life.


Had my bowl of special tonkotsu ramen for only $6.90! There 4 large slices of pork, black fungus, 1 ajitsuke tamago and two pieces of nori. A substantial variety of ingredients and very generous quantities for the affordable pricing. The black king ramen was pricier at $9 consists of special fried garlic paste, tonkotsu broth and bonito flakes. More flavoursome and stronger broth.

Got my hand on these bottles of colourful teas from one of taiwan's famous teashops outlet in singapore KECha: Pictured are the Ocean berry (left bottle) which comprises of layers of butterfly pea, strawberry and lemon and the wandergarden (right bottle) which consists of rose, elderflower and butterfly pea.

Located in Taman Sentosa, rabbit softserve is one of the more recent cafes opened in jb. Like Aqua S, they changed their flavours weekly to get ice cream lovers to come back for more. We ordered their charcoal sesame and butterfly bluepea vanilla. Softserves were served in double cups with a hidden compartment with dried ice to create a magical smoky vapour.

F&B in a factory concept is getting really trendy in johor with JWC occupying in a factory. Rowan and parsley is a BBQ grill restaurant an cafe located within the Kota Putri Industrial Estate in Pasir Gudang. Pictured is the pulled pork benedict that is beautifully decorated with blue pea butterfly flowers on the hollandaise. Eggs were poached to perfection. They sandwiched the generous portion of pulled pork drenched in BBQ gravy made in-house that was between the breakfast muffins and poached eggs. The taste was lacklustre due to the overpowering sourness of the BBQ gravy.

Nestled within a hip and modern hawker centre on pasir ris, burgernomics is muslim-owned and sells very affordable burgers that taste superbly good. We tried the buttermilk chicken burger, deluxe burger and chilli beef fries. The buns on the burgers are so soft. Read on blogs that they sourced them from an artisanal bakery in joo chiat, so these buns are really fresh from the ovens. Ingredients and sauces used are generous and premium in quality. Our favourite one is the deluxe burger made from our favourite ingredients :beef, sauteed mushrooms, onions, double american cheddar cheese and truffle oil.

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We got waffles to go along with our dark chocolate and strawberry gelato, as well as a honey milk tea. The gelato were rich in goodness, milky and the half melted creaminess goes so well with the crisp of the freshly made waffles. I prefer the chocolate over the strawberry for the reduced sweetness and luxurious cocoa.

Going to Zion Rd Siang Hee Seafood has been a long time coming. When we finally got there, we ordered sambal kang kong, har cheong gai and bbq stingray. Ordered takeaway pumpkin fried prawn, their signature dish which comprises of a sweet creamy pumpkin gravy topped over crispy fried prawns. It was a sumptuous tze char experience.

Concentrated Prawn stock and lard, fried together with big prawns, lean pork and more pork lard. Extremely unhealthy but belly satisfying food. You will get a bowl of prawn soup together with the bee hoon, which was full of sweet with prawn and umami flavours.

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Everyone is raving about emack and bolio's at jewel changi. But do you know they opened a few outlets across the causeway? You can have it in johor cheaper and a much bigger portion as well. We ordered the salted peanut butter cup chocolate and space cake in a fanciful cone for about 40 RM at the paradigm mall outlet. My favourite has to be the peanut butter chocolate as it reminded me so much about a frozen reese peanut buttercup flavoured ice cream.

Wagyu beef cooked to perfection with truffle oil and served together with onions and sous vide egg in a donburi. The runny whites and yolk from the onsen egg goes so well with the truffled onions and medium well wagyu: The beef dissolves and the goodness and flavours are liquefied with the crunchiness from the onions and short grain japanese rice.

Have always loved the sweet treats at sunday folks and this is one cafe that I frequently visited over the years. Since we were in the holland village vicinity, we decided to patronise it for the xth time. Ordered our softserves in a glass. Pictured is their signature and one of my all time favourites- the sea salt gula melaka.