Spago 's chef tasting menu comprises of 8 courses, inclusive of desserts which you can choose from the dessert menu. Pictured is one half of the duo tartare which comprises of big eye tuna, miso and sesame. This is one of my favourites from the menu: the combination of sweetness and nuttiness from the sesame cracker cone that has a crispy texture, filled with fresh tuna sashimi that is marinated in a savoury sauce, topped with bonito flakes.

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I really love this. This acai really exceeds expectations in terms of flavour combinations: the chocolate, oatmeal and peanut butter sauce. This does really feels like real ice cream.

My 2nd visit to Relish. Famous for their burgers with local twists, this time round we ordered a kids friendly pasta dish for share between myself and my child. The bolognese spaghetti has a tangy tomato gravy with minced meat topped with grated parmesan cheese. The taste is quite expected and average. If you were to visit Relish, I would still recommend you to go for their local flavoured burgers which are their signatures.

Went to their new outlet at Duxton, I opted for the amino acai bowl and their vanilla oolong kombucha. The Amino consists of strawberries, blueberries, goji, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. It is good to have healthy and hearty options that tasted delicious.

Open by the same folks behind Merci Marcel along Telok Ayer street, French Fold is a cafe that specialises in Crepes and Galettes. Pictured is the No. 3 Galette made from Buckwheat flour and consists of egg, Mushroom and cheese. They served sweet crepes made of wheat flour and you can have the option of pairing it with ice cream from bird of paradise. Do note that there are 4 different menus for different times of the day- Check out what you want before making your way down to avoid disappointment.

Reached shaw at 11.20am yesterday, there were nobody in the queue and a few empty seats available. We were really lucky as people started streaming in at 11.30am and there was a short queue with all seats taken.

We ordered the lobster and crab rolls, lobster bisque and lemonade, for a total of $68. Really quite expensive. Tastewise, I would say that it is similar to the one I had in omotesando, harajuku. The chunks of crab and lobster are served chill with warm buttery and toasted buns. The amount of cajun seasoning was generous and the rolls were exceptionally tasty. The bisque, which was a first time for us was umami goodness with chunks of lobster within the soup.

I was really bummed that I missed out on the 1 for 1 promo. Nevertheless did get the opportunity to savour their spicy ebi ramen and I really love the umami flavours of the broth! They served sandos as well which is a pretty interesting F&B side concept to include cafe options at a ramen place.

Beautiful interiors and le cordon bleu trained patissiers, this is a new cafe that I highly recommend you visit at the NEWest building at west coast. We ordered the Mont Blanc tart, Hazel entremet and an iced osmanthus oolong. The Mont Blanc had the expected combination of chestnut cream, whipped cream, berry jam layers on top of the sable breton. My favourite is the Hazel- which was a luscious dark chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut feuilletine, caramel creme core. It was not an overly sweet dessert which was perfect with an iced tea on a warm sunny afternoon.

Golden Mile Tower looks old and run-down. But you will be amazed by the crowd that this stall attracts at basement 1. We got there at the opening hours but there were just 2-3 empty tables left with the rest occupied by hungry diners. We were considered fortunate as we awaited for our dishes 45 minutes and with a queue number of 10 in line as more and more people starts to appear at the stall waiting for a table. They used short grain rice for their fried rice dishes, are absolutely generous with their portions of pork chop, prawns, rice and tobiko- we ordered the egg fried with shrimps and pork chop (both just $7.50 with tobiko). The wok hei was on point. They also have mala and xo fried rice options. Since it is our first visit, we will leave them to a next time.

Along the same stretch as little part 1 and dolc patisserie, kream & kensho is the new kid of the block that has taken over the space of strangers reunion. They served good milk tea and kombu fries. For the mains, we ordered salmon and avocado and steak and broccolini. Do let them know your preference for doneness as the default is medium rare (as pictured). I wished the portion for the mains could be bigger as the portion was quite small. But generally, great ambience and service from the crew.

Wrote a lengthy post on my favourite item from the restaurant without a photo. Here is the new promo item on their menu. Jiggly, soft with burnt sugar and served with cream and strawberries. They were not overly sweet and has great texture. A matcha souffle pancakes is currently available as the other promo item. Do check them out as well!

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Tamago EN has been one of the places that I really want to visit but do not have a chance to until today. Egg themed restaurant serves glorious souffle pancakes that they are famous for and we had the new creme brulee souffle pancakes (not pictured). The eggs on the omu rice is a little overcooked and has lost the optimal creamy-moisture. Overall decently done tamagoyakis and excellent souffle pancakes. Great place for desserts.

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