Korean Food FTW 🇰🇷 Daehan mingu! I'm always crazy abt the Korean wave and food and everything in Korea. On the search for more kimchi and rice cakeeeee ✌️🙊
WHAT?! EAST SIDE GOOD FOOD! I'm staying in the West, so hardly or barely I would make my way to the east. But nonetheless, I shouldn't make it an obstacle to try good food on the other side of Singapore. You never know what I might find there 😉
Cafes In This Sun Sun Sun Country To combat the rising Cafes in Singapore. I aim to try as much food as I can, without getting fat 😛
Green Line? Red Line? Which Line? I thought having a list of Cafes along the MRT lines will be quite cool. So it helps to save the trouble of finding a Carpark lot, cash card $, coupons etc. But warning, you still have to walk to get there, no pain no gain people 😉