(Rating:5/5🌟) Matcha tart (rm7) Definitely a die-for matcha tart. I personally a matcha lover, this matcha tart is rich in flavour and no bitterness whatsoever. Love it!

(rating:2/5🌟) Bubble flow soufflé (rm17) This soufflé pancake was freshly made upon ordering, and that required a minimum 20 minutes wait. Slight inconsistent in textures, sometimes fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth, sometimes more doughy and dry. Overall, syrupy and jelat.

(rating:4/5🌟) Cookies and creme oreo bingsu (rm23) Soft milk bingsu paired with cookies &creme ice cream and oreo crumbs. Just the right sweetness 👌🏼

(rating:4.5/5🌟) Black sesame rice pancake (rm19) Prefer their soybean flavour as their sesame ice cream wasn’t very flavorful. Worth a try!

(rating:5/5🌟) Shinjyuku tsukemen (rm30) This was one of the best tsukemen I’ve had in a long while. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for something different than the pork bone broth common in KL. I’ll definitely revisit for this bowl of tsukemen 💯😍

(rating:4/5🌟) Shiro Ajitama ramen (rm19.5) Soup was quite light but flavorful. Simple yet nice 👍🏼

(rating:4/5🌟) Kuro aka chasu ramen (rm20.5)
I actually had high hopes for this place as it had incredibly high reviews on Burpple, and it really didn’t disappoint! The broth was nice, full of flavour and paired perfectly with thin noodles. The egg was cooked to perfection 💯

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(rating:4/5🌟) Hojicha cake ($7.50) The greatest highlight of the cake is definitely the hojicha drizzle. The hojicha sponge was soft and fluffy, however the roasted green tea flavour wasn’t distinct here. We requested for extra hojicha sauce and it’s unexpectedly FOC!

(rating:5/5🌟) Cream puff ($4.5) This is, hands down, the best cream puff I’ve ever had! Slicing into the BIG puff, I was greeted with the luscious custard cream which made from Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk. Believe me, it’s super addictive to indulge in.

(rating:4/5🌟) The Rio Deal (rm21.90) Can’t live without dessert, so here’s a healthier alternative- açaí bowl! Cabana’s açaí base is the best I’ve ever had but the granolas still cannot best Açaí lab’s tho

(rating: 3.5/5🌟) Peach strudel (rm17) Flaky puff pastry sandwiched with some canned peaches and cream cheese. Pastry wasn’t crispy enough. Cream cheese was not too sweet, just the right sweetness but i think it would be better if it’s replaced by custard cream👌🏼

(rating: 4.5/5) Matcha red bean soufflé (rm19) Definitely need to check this out if you’re craving for some soft and jiggly soufflés. The perfect combination when matcha + red bean! Really love this dessert because it’s not overly sweet so it won’t feel jelat even finishing the whole dessert by myself. Just the right amount of sweetness.