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(Rating:5/5🌟) Rise & Shine Eggs Benedict (rm22) Two poached egg on brioche and hollandaise sauce with spinach and mushroom. We added on streaky beef bacon for rm6 and it’s pretty good 💯

(Rating: 5/5🌟) French toast (rm22) Homemade eggy brioche toast w/ flambeed banana, banana jam and honey. Highly recommend it! Nice ambience, good food and nice place to chill.

(Rating:4/5🌟) Blueberry cheesecake bingsu (rm26) Definitely a refreshing dessert to cool me down during this hot weather! It’s actually topped with vanilla ice cream but we requested to change to extra cheesecake cubes. (tastes better than Hanbing tho)

(Rating:5/5🌟) Soybean rice pancake (rm19) The taste is interesting as it has crispy surface but chewy inner part! It topped with generously sized soybean ice cream with nutty flavour and perfect amount of peanut powder which makes it tastes even better. I’ll definitely come back for this.

(Rating: 5/5🌟) Rise & Shine Egg Drop on toast. Soft-scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions sandwiched in a hot cross bun. And, you can opt to add on Sarsi-glazed beef bacon for just rm8. Legit and definitely will come back for this! (Rating: 4/5🌟) Rise & Shine Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs, beetroot-cured salmon, bubble and squeak, bunga kantan hollandaise. (Rating: 4/5🌟) Banana bread with pumpkin kaya and house-made almond butter which was really good and I asked for second plate of it.

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(Rating: 4/5🌟) Casablanca eggs (rm 29) Been here for a few times but this was the first time ordering this dish. It’s basically baked eggs with chicken sausages, chili flakes, ras el hanout spiced Napoli, creamy feta with Turkish bread. Overall, the dish was pretty good and worth a try. So far all the foods i’ve tried keeps me satisfied. My all time favourite is actually their seafood aglio olio!

(Rating: 5/5🌟) The matcha tiramisu (rm17) was probably the best matcha dessert I’ve ever tasted in Malaysia! Loved the cake along with smooth cream, matcha ice cream, a layer of red bean which was not sweetened at all and the bitterness of the matcha powder on top.


(Rating:5/5🌟) Hanjuku cheese was da bomb! Love that perfectly baked top of the Japanese style half-baked cheesecake. It’s packed with rich flavour, yet moist and soft texture which makes you crave for more 😋 (Rating:2.5/5🌟) CD-bun and the Japanese taro bun didn’t reach my expectations.

(Rating:5/5🌟) Creme brûlée fresh milk (rm14.90) A layer of chewy brown sugar pearls and creme brûlée at the bottom and filled with fresh milk. Can’t deny that The Alley has the best pearls as their pearls was flavorful and chewy! The creme brûlée went well with the milk. The drink itself wasn’t that sweet like JLD’s and Tigersugar’s although you can’t adjust the sweetness and ice level. This has became my Top 1 fav brown sugar fresh milk 😋

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(Rating:4/5🌟) Brown Sugar Boba Thick Milk (rm12.90) This is so underrated! When I first tasted this drink, it reminded me of Tigersugar which is one of my fave Brown Sugar Fresh Milk. Their pearls were slightly less taste of brown sugar but it was soft and really nice to chew on! However, the drink itself was actually quite sweet for my liking.

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(Rating:1/5🌟) This has got to be my worst Din Tai Fung experience for me😌 Standard of Din Tai Fung seems like dropped quite a fair bit.
Spicy shrimp and pork wonton dry noodle. Just look how little the spicy sauce we got and the dumplings were all tasteless. Tantan noodle aka spicy sesame & peanut sauce noodle. It didn’t taste good as well.

(Rating:5/5🌟) Bunny Pillow Matcha. Love the combination of bittersweet matcha soft bun and azuki bean plus its sweetness was just right. Highly recommended to matcha fans as it feels like your mouth is wrapped with dense matcha flavour that you couldn’t get out! 🍵👍🏼(Rating:3.5/5🌟) Fluffy cream roll Uji Matcha. Fluffy sponge cake rolled up with fresh matcha cream & a little azuki bean in the middle. The fluffiness and light texture of the roll cake was quite nice. But the amount of matcha cream was too much for my liking.