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Look at what a large tall burger it is. Recommended for people who are big eaters. The patty is pretty decent and tastes homemade.

Food is pretty affordable and tasty fish, skin has a nice smoky grill taste although abit dry.

I love their ondeh ondeh, the skin is so soft and the coconut filling just right. And so afford in this day and age.

Really egg soft and fluffy. I prefer to share it though unless you are having it as a meal. It's really nice balance of salty and sweet.

The soup is decent with a seafood flavour and good to drink on a cold day.

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I have heard read about their bad food reviews on Google so I stuck to the ones that most people had decent reviews and I am glad I did that. This dumpling is pretty good and meaty. It's not like the din tai fung soupy dumpling but the fillings are still pretty juicy when eaten piping hot. Do not wait too long though because the skin will become abit hard. I will order this dish again.

Good value for money they are so generous with the fish and pasta. The pasta is flavourful too if you love garlic.

The portions are generous and the meat is flavourful but the meat would be better to be abit more tender.

The sandwich is call lobster prawn club. I taste alot more prawn though. I wasnt too impressed with the taste. So does the lemon macaroon. Abit bland. I was expecting a strong tart taste. The chocolate dessert is rather nice. It'd abit like a kinder bueno. It cost about $10. We also order 2 pots of tea and paid a total of $72 in all. Enough about the food. Its just meh. But the ambience, the service and the setting is really delightful. I will still patronise twg because of the above factors but please for heavens sake. Do not let your standard in food drop by that much. Its such an ambivalent feeling.

The unagi is well grilled. Flesh is tender and skin is crispy. Its good but I have never eaten at manman so I am unable to compare. However I gotta admit its rather pricy I am not sure it's really worth so much.

I like this. The tempura is crispy and fresh. The salmon sashimi portions are generous too.