Lovely spending a rainy afternoon holed up at this bookstore-cafe. I only wish the turmeric banana cake ($4) was tastier.


Looks like lamingtons, tastes like delicate Nonya kueh. The cereal confetti coating adds crunch and a slight nuttiness. Surprisingly good!

Everything was so fresh and tasty. I especially liked this dish of fresh grapes, cherry tomatoes and blueberries. Looks like dessert, but actually really appetising!

We ordered this from the ala carte menu as an add on, and boy was it yummy! The server sent it with strict instructions to eat it while it’s hot - crusty on the outside and wonderfully chewy on the inside, with an elegant nuttiness from the sesame. This comes with mayo for dipping, but it’s lovely enough on its own.


Tasty and refined Chinese vegetarian cooking sans gluten and mock meat is hard to come by in Singapore, so I really appreciate what Ganglamedo has done here. Really tasty appetisers served individual banchan style, really fresh produce, and amazing assortment of veggies for the hotpot (various broth choices; I recommend the tomato or mushroom). Prices may be a little steep if you think you’re paying just for veggies, but considering the dedication to details and atmospheric setting, it’s worth every cent.

A classic combo of chocolate cake and peanut ganache, made extra special when served on a bed of black rice, prepared pulut hitam style. Unconventional, but it works! Get a little bit of everything in one bite for the full experience.


Cauliflower and cheese, on steroids. The addition of dried longan is genius. Extra earthy complexity and pops of sweetness - so good.


Tender beef, caramelised and lightly charred in all the right places, slicked in this deep, umami-rich sauce made using Java long pepper. 🤩

Stuffed rice balls that are light enough as a snack yet substantial to line the tummy pre-drinks. Red pepper coulis and kaffir lime dressing add a touch of flavour and spirit.

My favourite of the night. So creamy yet the house cured egg yolk added a subtle tanginess that prevented the dish from getting cloying. Add $6 for char siu bacon.

A classic roast featuring Toh Thye San’s antibiotic and hormone-free chooks, served with scallion ginger citronette. Tasty, but so safe compared to chef Vinny Lauria’s more adventurous plates.


Plump, fresh prawns served two ways - raw and slicked in a punchy fermented black bean vinaigrette, with heads cooked typhoon shelter style - deep fried, with lots of garlic, chilli and scallions. So. Good.