A generous selection of seafood in this hearty stew! My only qualm would be that the flower crabs were not particularly fresh, nevertheless a steal for the portion and price!

If you come in a bigger group, try their Sakura Sushi plate ($28.00), a big assortment plate of favourite sushi types such as tuna, amberjack, salmon, omelet and Hokkaido sweet prawn.

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Formerly known as Benjamin Browns, newly-revamped bistro concept The Benjamins makes a splashy (re)entrance with the launch of their Over The Top Shakes ($16) — absolutely massive milkshakes topped with everything from the kitchen sink to your mother. Current flavours include Caramel Crunch, Nutella Banana and Tim Tams, but we say go for the creamy and fragrant Coffee Avocado, which is probably the most restrained of the bunch!

After the sea games and came here for dinner!!! Enjoy the company!

Spaghetti with pan-seared duck breast served in Orange reduction and Pommary mustard sauce 》$24.90

As stated in the menu that this is a chef recommend dish so I have decided to give it a try instead of my standard mentaiko / aglio olio pasta.

No regrets! A very refreshing dish which uses oranges in their sauce and it's not too creamy. Duck breast are slightly harder. I shared this dish with my friend so I'm not sure if it will get jelat for 1 pax. Afterall it's a creamy base.

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nothing else but medium-rare baby! very well-flavoured steak at an affordable price! one of the best steaks I've had in recent times heehee can't wait for my next visit soon! 😛

Peanut butter and raspberry jelly stuffed toast, spiced vanilla custard, speculoos cookie soil, maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream and mixed berry coulis 》$14

This is the first time I see mains comes with Ice cream. It's like main + dessert in one dish.

Warm, soft french toast with peanut butter & jelly accompanied with Ice cream is so good that I don't mind having another portion.

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Matcha Azuki Milkshake- Matcha cake ,Azuki , wafer stick , waffle biscuits, corn flakes and chocolate syrup $16.90

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