I’m not a fan of lor mee and I had no intention of eating it today but when I went to ABC brickworks I was somehow drawn to it?? Confused but ok, got a bowl of it from this unassuming stall that is easily missed and WOW. Can foresee myself eating here a lot more. The gravy was of just the right consistency and had a decent amount of garlic. Came with ingredients like pork belly, some fried stuff etc. For $3 pretty worth it. Noodles were also not soggy. Am happy.

For Burpple Beyond they now have some special set where you can choose 2 proteins with rice, salad and pickles. Ours amounted up to just $28 before taxes for two people which is really damn worth it. Love their Hamburg steak!

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This stingray was cheap AND exceeded my expectations. It was only $10 but the portion size was massive and the sambal was damn good. Queues were very long but understandable. Only wish that it wasn’t so far away.

People say Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng but I prefer this. The stock used is good, wok hei could be more prominent but even without it it still is decent. They also let you put as much lard as you want which I like even though it’s bad for me.

Finally tried wow wow west at ABC brickworks and... not a fan. My chicken was quite over cooked. It was a thigh cut but they somehow managed to cook it till the edges were rock hard. Have to hand it to them though, portion sizes were pretty massive.

Chicken rice here was subpar. Not surprising though, since it’s become a commercialised chain. Food is also on the pricier end, don’t think I’ll be back.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this place because I thought it would be overhyped but it exceeded my expectations and is now one of my favourite chicken rice spots. Chicken was extremely tender, plump and juicy and had a silky smooth texture. The light soya sauce it was doused in gave the dish a slight savoury sweetness. Rice was also fragrant and grains were well separated. It’s a little on the pricier side but I think it’s worth it leh, I would go back.

And for their tea time buffet and was blown away by the shear variety of food here. Also love how the food here is served on a push cart, old-school style! The whole meal lasted about 2 hours and I was very full after, pants couldn’t be zipped. But the food was really good and it’s a great place to try authentic, classic dim sum.

Am a sucker for old school western food and this is one of my favourite places to satisfy my cravings. Tried the mixed grill for the first time and once again was very impressed! Portion size, as always, was massive. You get grilled chicken and the option between pork or beef steak. You don’t get to choose how done you want your beef steak to be so it was around medium rare to well done. Would have preferred it to be more rare but surprisingly, the beef still remained very tender and juicy. Chicken was also very well marinated and juicy and I love the Taiwanese-style sauce it was coated in. Also love how they give a whole ton of fries, beans and a nice fried egg with it. Good to share with two people too if you have a small appetite!

The tonkatsu here is really as good as what you can get in Japan. Pork was perfectly breaded and extremely crispy while the inside remained tender and very juicy. They have free flow salad and soup here too! But you can’t enjoy that if you’re sharing the food with a friend. There’s also a lottttt of radish here... radish appetiser, radish soup. But ok la it’s nice! Would come back.

As an avid Harry Potter fan, this place was an actual dream. To end off the meal, we got ourself the snitch cake. It was $15 and definitely a little on the pricier side but it made me very happy so just take my money!! Aside from being a little gimmicky, the cake actually tasted very good. Snitch is edible too! It also came with a pot of dry ice in the side as well which added a nice magical touch. Please don’t accidentally drink it like I did though, you can actually die.

I already had high expectations from Perch because they completely blew me away the previous time I ate here so I was even more mind blown after eating this because it completely exceed my expectations. The Grilled Australian Pork Jowl featured extremely tender and well marinated slabs of pork, something that I’ve hardly come across as most pork chops I’ve had usually come over cooked and hard. I’ll admit that when I read that the sauce would be an apple cider jus, I was a little concerned because I’m not a fan of apple cider because of the strong smell. However, it tasted nothing like it and was slightly tart, pairing well with the savouriness of the protein. Also really loved the addition of the slices of caramelised apples which added a nice sweetness to the dish.