Got the Wagyu beef bowl. For $6.80 it’s rlly damn worth it. Beef was tender and they give a lot of vege so it’s a very all rounded dish. Good for people who need to up their fibre intake.

We Had A Staycay At Fairmont And ordered prego. This was during phase 2 (HA). Can’t rmb what this was called but it has prosciutto, arugula and mozzarella. Good stuff. Would eat it again in the restaurant.

Got their $10 takeaway burgers. Wah guys. Died and went to heaven. All three burgers (chicken beef and the brisket) were damn good. Idk how they are charging this for $10.

This waffle chicken thing is damn sinful but Wah freaking shiok. The crispy damn crisp and the waffles were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. It came with a pretty mad bourbon maple syrup but i suay sia, 1 hour before this meal kenna vaccinated so cannot enjoy. I had one lick tho, damn good.

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This Hokkien mee damn ex sia even after Burpple beyond its like $11. But the problem is… it’s nice sia. The wok hei damn gao and the amount of scallops and prawn they give is pretty generous. The gravy also damn shiok, got the prawn umami. But idk leh the price a bit much. This was left me more torn than my ex boyfriend.


The curry chicken here is solid and damn nostalgic but the sellers were very rude. They were very aggressive and impatient with the old man in front of me which is quite a turn off. Idk if curry chicken is good enough to bring me back lol.

I feel like if BKT and angmoh ribs made a baby, this would be it. I like it though. The sweet potato fries also damn solid.

Wah. Wasn’t expecting it to be good but it was. The beef it was paired with was damn tender and I didn’t realise how good beef tasted w chocolate until this dish. Chocolate taste is veeeery subtle though. Texture of pasta could be more al dente but the flavours made up for it.

This dashi crystal bread with uni and caviar was 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 at first I thought it was legit Idw BUT NO ITS NOT idk what it is but it’s damn good. And it’s piled with a mound of uni and caviar. So good. I wish it were bigger.

This smoked salmon pizza shiok sia. Rlly like the crust and they added a lot of cheese. Smoked salmon also fresh. Would order again. Sad they’re not on Burpple Beyond anymore