Even with burpple 1 for 1 it's not recommended.. tasted like baked rice that wasnt baked with the tomato sauce (tasted instant) over cold rice

Love how the slightly savoury flavour of black seasame goes with all the other sweet elements, kept craving for this after trying it once

Love their parfaits! But the black seasame one i wanted to order was sold out by end of day. Their parfait has so many interesting elements (granola, red bean, nuts, warabamochi), so awesome I can eat it all on my own! Good matcha flavour.

I love hojicha but this cake tasted very one dimensional - too much cream in the middle and the hojicha tasted bitter without much fragrance. They could have added elements to give the cake more texture overall. One person eating this is just too heavy/ jelak.

This is my second try of their cakes and I am still unimpressed. I think Matchaya fares much better in its drinks and ice-creams.

Favourite dishes were scallops and cauliflower steak

We also had pork, wagyu beef, aged chicken wings and coco maria dessert (hazelnut mousse) and a complimentary slice of brownie (dry)

Not a place i would revisit or highly recommend

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Seemed to be cooked Chinese style. The skin was really crispy. We loved it, including the accompanying potato.

Loved how everything of this just came together so nicely, the pastry, stuffing, and meat. The accompanying veges (cabbage, carrot) tasted yummy too. This is probably one of the most memorable dishes I've eaten in a while.