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Cakes And Sweet Treats

Cakes And Sweet Treats

Featuring The Fabulous Baker Boy, Matchaya (The Cathay), Birds of a Feather, The Bakery Chef, Keong Saik Bakery, Dulcet & Studio (Liang Court), Honolulu Café (The Centrepoint), Duxton41, PS.Cafe (Palais Renaissance), Artea
Mengwei Dai
Mengwei Dai

Thought it was marbled chocolate on the outside but it was just a cardboard box! 😔 There was barely any sponge cake inside and just alot of plain mascarpone cheese with no earl grey taste. You get sick of the taste quickly. Very gimmicky - avoid at all cost.

This was surprisingly good, crispy pastry with moist raisins. Recommended.

Doesn't taste as good as I remember it to be. I think the chocolate flavour lacks a little oomph.

Not too sweet and has crunchy pearls - I like it! Coffee is good.

Ended the meal with coffee and it was good!

Not bad overall, sufficiently moist but towards the end got abit tired of the taste. Seems to be missing a little wow factor. Coffee was good though.

This is served room temp/chilled. It is rather unique but the crust is of a harder texture like biscuit. Cant decide if I prefer egg tart or this, I would probably order both!

We also had the iced coffee (no sugar) and yuan yang and we liked both

@ Westgate outlet

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I think I prefer eating the real kueh salat with a stronger pandan flavour and more bite from the glutinous rice.

My companion who had the bun didnt like it much, she commented there was too much bread in proportion to the filling.


This was introduced to coincide with National Day. If you like bandung/rosewater like me, go for it! The bundung custard and flakey layers are so good.

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My go-to place for matcha and hojicha desserts. Hojicha milk without sugar is my new favourite drink, the tea flavour is robust.

Earl grey lavender mille crepe was too sweet with the icing topping and I thought the lavender taste was abit too much. Not really to my liking.

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Soft, fluffy and the cream tastes very light - love this cake and would go back for more