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Turkey Classic I have been wanting to try this place out as I am a huge sandwich fan and this place jas awesome reviews. I ordered the turkey classic with REAL brined turkey. It is so rare to get real turkey nowadays in restaurants. The turkey was so juicy and soft and the avacado was perfectly ripe. The sprouts were crunchy and delicious. The sauce was just the right amount and was also very light. Ciabatta bread was crispy and fresh. 10/10 rating. Everything is so delicious and the portion is worth the price! Moreover, the friendly waiter delivered the food right to our table!(we didn't have to go up to collect it)
Slightly pricey but vibey sandwiches Ordered the Turkey Classic ($18), Cubano ($15) and Kimchi Grilled Cheese ($14) Turkey Classic ($18) requires a huge mouth to eat graciously but other than that, it was a price-worthy sandwich. Thick, juicy cuts of turkey with generous slices of bacon. However, if it’s cold cut so if you’re looking for a warm, freshly baked sandwich then this might not be your cup of tea. Absolutely loved the Cubano’s ($15) texture and taste. The ciabatta bread was light and crispy and its bland taste acts as the perfect canvas for the robust and rich mexican flavors of the pulled pork shoulder, cheese and salsa filling. I wished the Kimchi Grilled Cheese ($14) would have a smaller kimchi to cheese ratio as the kimchi was way too overpowering, masking the creaminess and saltiness of the cheese. But it was a rather interesting try nonetheless
Crispy Chicken Sandwich [$16] Upon ordering, the staff recommended for first timers the first 3 items on their menu. Especially this crispy chicken sandwich which they claim that it will be the safest option. I was not disappointed when I ordered it along with an additional $5 for a side and drink during lunch hours. The chicken was both crispy and juicy and the veggies with the sauce added a refreshing taste which allowed me to go in for more. While it is not mindblowingly tasty, it is definitely a good sandwich. Would recommend people who have any thoughts of visiting the place to give it a try. I will definitely go back for a different sandwich should I be around the area. p.s. their 'sink' is really amusing
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It literally means the express version of Ka Soh, situated in @fivespicesingapore food court at the Jewel. With a dedicated corner, this stall offers quite a good range of mains and side dishes for a complete meal, if not complemented with food from the other stalls. With a prawn variant, the prawn soup Bee Hoon still offered their awesome fish soup but topped with the umami from the fresh prawns. The dry San Lou Horfun we ordered also didn’t disappoint when it was served with a distinct Wok Hei fragrance. From their range of attractive sides, such as their popular Har Jeong Gai and fried pork ribs, we picked the latter which was yummy and went well with our mains. Amidst the wide choices of food in Jewel and even the food court, this flavourful fish soup itself would be a good enough reason to settle down at the peaceful corner for a simple-looking but satisfying meal.
I makan
Do not underestimate this unassuming bowl of prawn and fish noodles soup. They’re cooked with the same fish soup with no milk added. In case you’re wondering, the milky texture is the result of hours of high heat boiling with large amount of fish bones. The broth was sweet and stronger with prawns added. Also tried Ka-Soh fried yam with the sweet yam in the middle and crunchy on the outside. Prawn paste chicken gave a very intense savoury flavour with a bowl of comfort noodles. 🍜 Service was rather slow during peak hours. . . Where to dine? Faai Di by Ka-Soh 78 Airport Boulevard B2-238 - 240 Singapore 819666 (Five Spice food court by Food Junction)
An express concept of Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Restaurant (2016 - 2018) Ka-Soh, The menu at Faai Di is a curation of Ka-Soh’s mainstay signature items that includes the slice fish noodle soup, spare pork ribs, prawn paste chicken and Ka-Soh fried yam. Faai Di also features new items that are currently exclusive at Jewel Changi Airport such as; steamed chicken with lap cheong - a traditional Cantonese dish steamed with sesame oil and ginger slices; and Faai Di’s prawn noodle soup - which uses Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup as a base with live prawns used to morph the brothy fish soup into a heady prawn soup with a red hue. One of my favourite item was the fried yam. The yam was very soft and perfectly cooked and fried in a nicely fried bread crust. ‘Faai Di’ (faster) check out Faai Di by Ka Soh at Five Spice Food Court at Jewel Changi. 📝📸@foodie_emilly Thanks @prcommsg for the invitation and @faai.di for having us!
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| 🍰 Melt My Cheesecake!... ~ · Burnt Cheesecake - $7.50 · I was rather hyped to try their burnt cheesecake which should have a semi-molten texture, but after waiting for 20mins outdoor, the cheesecake remains well-built, small disappointment I must say. It’s said to be made up of 4 type of cheese, and they also have a Pandan version for this CNY period, limited time only. Their Tiger Cruffin ($6) is quite unique as well, which is a burnt cheesecake croissant that’s shaped like muffin, worth a try · Keong Saik Bakery @keongsaikbakery
Two Face Burnt Cheesecake🍵 📍Keong Saik Bakery📍 💸Two Face Burnt Cheesecake: $8.50 ... Been here a couple of times for their bread and it’s our first time trying their cake!! The half original, half matcha cheesecake didn’t exactly have a burnt taste🤔but there is a good balance of matcha and cheese☺️ Also, most people are there for their bread which taste pretty good- had their bacon & egg bagel, nonya curry chicken, butter char siew and more but maybe they can be a little more generous with their filling😂
Tbvh, kinda Overhyped Finally caved in to trying the Two Faced (~$8) cheesecake and matcha burnt cake after seeing it everywhere on insta 🧀🍵 . Maybe it was because I had too high expectations from the reviews, but I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be. Although it looked burnt, the cheesecake didn’t taste burnt much — I preferred the burnt taste of the cheesecake at The Kins. . The mix of cheesecake and matcha could have been done better: the cheesecake overpowered the matcha too much and I ended up having to separate both layers to appreciate each taste. Though disappointed at this mismatch, each individual flavour was well done; especially the matcha 🍵 Ig @goodfomood
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Ssam Korean and Mexican Fusion Kitchen. 50 Market Street # 01-23 S(048940) This place was highly recommended by my boss since... last month? Haha... but I was too lazy to walk to MBFC to get my takeaway. Then, I found out that they have another outlet at golden shoe. Perfect walking distance for me, glad that I tried this. The pork belly was so awesome and I simply enjoyed the tangy flavour. I chose kimchi rice as my base. For those who are not too keen on having carbs or lesser carbs, you can opt for salad base or half rice and half salad base. What I ordered: 1 x Pork Bowl = S$ 8.50 1 × Add Ramen Egg = S$ 0.80 Total Bill with 7% GST = S$ 9.95 #burpple #burpplesg
Pork Belly Bowl $8.50 Add the ramen egg for additional $0.80! The ramen egg was the highlight of my rice bowl! Very flavourful with a semi runny yolk in it! The mix of flavours in this bowl was amazing! Never thought Korean Mexican fusion would produce such a good result! Every mouthful contains a mix of sweetness, tangyness, saltiness. Also, it is super filling and definitely makes a work day better! I'm already looking forward to my next lunch break which I can have this again. Oh and there's another outlet now at Raffles Place near golden shoe!
Sze Qi
For a Filling Korean-Mexican Rice Bowl To Go Burpplers working in the CBD will appreciate this takeaway option. Located at the basement of Marina Bay Financial Centre, Ssäm (meaning 'wrapped' in Korean) crafts protein-packed bowls that will keep you fuelled throughout the day. It's one of the most massive bowls we've had — great for filling a big eater's tummy but small eaters might want to share this with a colleague. Head down early to snag their tasty cilantro lime rice and top it with the unbelievably tender 40-hour Korean BBQ marinated beef short ribs ($9.50). Unless you opt out, the bowl is completed with sides of tangy kimchi, tomato salsa, onion lime relish, pickled cucumbers, kimchi and seaweed, and topped with sesame seeds and fried shallots. Prices have been revised since our last visit and the new addition of portobello mushroom to the proteins section will excite mushroom lovers! Avg Price: $10 per person Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong
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