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📍Kream & Kensho, 35 Kampong Bahru Rd📍
💸 Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche: $13
💸 Salmon & Avocado: $22
💸 Sakura Ebi Capellini: $18
Though one of the new cafes around, Kream & Kensho has gained quite a following in these few months, evident by our 45min wait on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm.😵 Their food definitely stood out to us, with interesting combinations like Grape & Ricotta matcha brioche🍇 and Salmon with guacamole🥑, curry leaf mayo and multigrain toast. Both dishes tasted new to us, but we were pleasantly surprised by how the components of the dishes worked so well together and we definitely recommend y'all to give it a try!👍 They also offer classics like Sakura Ebi Capellini but we felt that the chilli oil was too overpowering and we wished for more of a nice, charred prawn flavour.🦐 Furthermore, the portion was too little for its price.

Overall, some hits and misses but we felt that Kream & Kensho definitely stands out in the cafe scene. We're also excited to know that they're currently introducing some new items in their menu and we can't wait to go back to give it a try!😃

📍Tamjai Samgor Mixian, Vivo City📍
💸 Wu la soup with cuttlefish balls: $9.50
💸 Wu la soup with beef slices: $9.50
Hailing from Hong Kong, Tamjai Samgor Mixian serves hearty and quality noodle soup bowls 🍜 that are sure to warm you up on a chilly day.❄️ You could customise your noodles with many types of ingredients and different soup bases with differing spice levels.👍 We opted for cuttlefish balls and premium beef slices with their signature Wu la soup. The soup base was really something different from the usual soup bases as it boasted charred and peppery tones, which was just damn shiok!!!🔥 If we had to choose between cuttlefish ball and beef slices, we would go for the cuttlefish ball as it tasted handmade and contained cuttlefish bits. Also they gave 6 cuttlefish balls which was super worth!!!💰 However, the beef slices was also damn good as it soaked up the soup....so...actually if you can just get both hahaha😝 Overall, we love how customisable and affordable Tamjai Samgor is. With such a huge variety of ingredients and soup bases to choose from, we'll definitely be back for more!!🙌

📍Tonkatsu by ma maison, Mandarin Gallery📍
One of our go-to places for tonkatsu in Singapore, Ma Maison continues to dish out consistent and quality tonkatsu over the years. 💯 Got their famed tonkatsu and it certainly was well-fried, hot, fresh and crispy while the meat remains juicy!🐷 Another highlight for us was definitely the other components of the set meal, such as the pickles, cabbage, miso soup which are refillable!!!🎉 Also love that they serve other types of deep-fried items, which we couldn't resist trying their oyster katsu. Equally crispy and the juices just burst into your mouth when you bite into it!! Served with a slice of lemon that helps to cut through the grease.🍋 Though not the most affordable, but the food quality and refillable side dishes in the set makes up for it if you're feeling hungry!!😌

📍King Army stew, Fortune centre📍
💸 Classic army stew (M): $12.95
Headed down to King army stew for its opening promo till 28 Nov of 50% off their classic army stew. Definitely a steal considering how army stew is normally priced within the $30 - $40 range.💯 Taste-wise is on the lighter side and we wished there was more flavour and kick to it!!🔥 A wide variety of ingredients were included, such as the usual sausage, cabbage, tofu, luncheon meat etc. Worth it for $12.95 nett but maybe not so much if we were to pay the full price🤔 Lastly, the queue was pretty crazy when we went down, so we definitely recommend making a phone call reservation or heading down earlier!!

📍Fat Cow, Camden Medical Centre📍
💸 Fatcow premium donburi (Miyazaki A4 wagyu): $128++ (we used the Entertainer 1-1 deal)
Just the look of this decadent wagyu beef donburi and you can tell that Fat Cow is definitely a luxurious treat.👑 It is an ensemble of premium miyazaki A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, uni, caviar, fish roe, onsen egg and truffle flavoured rice. All that goodness in one bowl!🐮 But did it live up to its expectation, especially at its price point?🤔 While the beef was to-die-for, we felt that the balance of the whole donburi was kinda off. There were just too many heavy-tasting elements in the dish, such that we felt jelat after a while...and craved for something lighter on the palette instead.🥴 Overall, Fat cow is great for enjoying good quality beef but should we ever return, we would probably give the donburi a miss or share it with others!😬

📍 Narrative coffee stand, Bras Basah complex📍
💸 White: $4.50
Quaint little coffee place nestled within Bras Basah complex.😌 Though within a relatively quiet area, narrative coffee stand definitely has its steady stream of customers—the best proof of its good quality coffee.☕ Indeed, their White lived up to our expectations which was smooth and not too acidic. There are a couple of blends for you to choose from too, depending on whether you like chocolatey or fruity tones. However, have to admit that we were quite shocked that they didn't fill up the cup entirely....☹️

📍Todamgol, Tanjong Pagar📍
💸 Assorted Pancakes
💸 Sundae (Korean Blood Sausage) Soup
💸 Bossam with cabbage wraps and kimchi
Impromptu Friday plans brought us to Tanjong Pagar aka “Korean Town” and wow there were queues forming everywhere (not surprisingly though😂) Luckily we managed to snagged a table at Todamgol without reservations for some korean food😍Had to get their sundae soup- super hearty, generous serving and the perilla leaf taste was so pronounced! Also got their assorted pancakes (what a gorgeous platter) and we throughly enjoyed every item on the platter but favourites got to be the shrimp and sesame pancake with pork. And if that’s not enough, we got greedy and ordered the bossam as well😂 Pairing everything with some chilled makgeolli, what a perfect start to the weekends✨ Strongly recommended to make reservations!!

📍Elemen, Harbourfront centre📍
💸 5-course set: $26.80++
💸 8-course set: $32.80++
💸 8-course set (台licious): $38.80++

Been eyeing Elemen for a while for their asian and western-style vegetarian dishes, and we finally gave it a go today!!!☺️ In this post, we have featured some of the dishes we had as part of the value-for-money course sets💵. Our favourite was definitely the tempura tofu with avocado roll🍙. They added some youtiao(?) Into the sushi roll which gave it a very nice crunch. Also, we loved their steamed sticky date pudding, especially the nice contrast between the warm cake and cold ice cream🍦. Really appreciate the fact that they placed the cake on the caramel sauce instead of pouring the sauce on such that its not sickeningly sweet, and that you could choose how much sauce you want to have with the cake🙆. However, we'll recommend you to skip their asia dry noodle.

Overall, we really love the concept of elemen. Having course sets where you can customise the different dishes you want for each category makes it a really fun experience💯. Also, they've managed to use vegetarian ingredients creatively to create a wide variety dishes catering to different palettes. We've signed up for their membership as well so...will definitely be dining there more often now😂

📍Hvala, Chijmes📍
💸 Goma (Black Sesame) Cake: $9 ish (inclusive of service charge)
Lucky for us, we managed to snag a seat at Hvala right after lunch before the crowd came, no chill indeed😟 Been going to Hvala quite a bit since they were opened and got to say goma cake is the one thing that kept us going back for more - major fan of all things black sesame😍 Hmm but we feel that the standard has kinda dropped and for it’s price tag (sry but the service charge was quite a turn off as always) and how it gets so crowded during the weekends, we’ve been heading to alternative cafes where we can really chill and chat😌

📍Shake Shack📍
💸ShackMeister Cheese Fries: $5.90
💸 Shack Stack: $14.30
Second visit to Shake Shack and definitely a much better experience this time round😄 Had the crinkle fries previously and it was cold and not the best thing😟BUT the fries this time were hot and fresh, topped with a good amount of melted cheese and fried shallots. The fries would have been too jelak if not for the shallots which added a really nice touch of flavour🍟 Also had the Shack Stack which, omg that fried portobello filled with melted cheese and beef patty sandwiched between their pillowy buns, yums!!

📍Sushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza📍
Ever since we discovered Sushiro, it has become our favourite Sushi restaurant which serves up quality sushi without breaking the bank.😍 The dishes are decently priced, with prices ranging from $2.20++ to $4.80++ per plate depending of the colour of the plate.🔴🟡⚫ We love Sushiro for its freshness of the sashimi slices and its crazy amount of variety. For example, they offer different cuts and quality for the same fish, which allowed us to compare between the more premium and normal cuts.👍 Also, they offer many innovative sushi such as roast pork belly sushi, salmon with basil cheese which were part of our favourites. Some of our other favourites were Japanese jack mackerel (seasonal), Tuna, Fried shrimp & Avocado roll, Young yellowtail and premium grilled eel.🍣 Also, we recommend you to make a reservation before going down as the queue gets pretty crazy. But even if you don't have a reservation, the wait isn't that long as each table only has 1h of dining time.😃

📍PS. Cafe📍
💸 Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio
💸 PS. Club (choice to top up for truffle fries)

Meal time at PS. Cafe is always such a joyous affair, we’ve been to quite a number of their outlets at different location and every location is so stunning, welcoming and photogenic in their own ways😌📸Our usual go-tos are their spicy king prawn aglio olio and PS. club sandwich. The aglio olio might be a tad too oily especially towards the end but it’s infused with that super strong prawn taste - absolutely love it!!💕 They also serve up some real good desserts like their sticky date/ ginger pudding☺️ Strongly recommended to make reservations before heading down to any of their outlets!!