Had the oriental bolognaise (non spicy) for $20. While tasty, the portions on a whole were tiny for the price paid. All my friends still felt hungry after. Not sure I would go back considering the cost since I did not like the food THAT much coupled with the small portions.

So well cooked with fermented nashi pear, black fungus and Angelica root.


Shaoxing Keifer Emulsions with carrot and roe

Muscavado chocolate and Ma Lai Gou

Had the 9 course tasting menu at ibid for $130++. Everything was spot on in terms of plating and flavours. The intricacy of each dish was commendable with a creative take on what would seemingly be a standard dish (the pictured dish was the shaobing with garlic yeasted butter). They rotate the menu every month with a change in 3-4 dishes each time so I definitely look forward to going back. The staff were all hospitable and friendly (even though they were all extremely busy). I don’t think my water ever ran out and the head Chef was also very hospitable and came out to chat with us. Small mix up at the start where our reservation through the website didn’t go through so safest to WhatsApp or call them. Nonetheless, they assembled a table very quickly and accommodated our table of 11 and apologised profusely after. Would highly recommend this compared to some other Michelin restaurants like CUT especially at the very reasonable price point.

First time having this dish and type of noodle. I ordered the cream base version. I actually enjoyed it and didn’t feel it was too heavy. They were quite generous with ingredients and I even preferred it to the vongole. The winner for me was definitely the sauce and I probably would choose to have it again. Note that for the Burpple Beyond app, the choices are quite limited for the 1-1 mostly relating to pasta dishes.

The sauce at the bottom was a bit bland for me but bcos of that, I could taste the sweetness of the scallops. Very fresh.

Went here for lunch using my 1-1 Burpple app. The wagyu Uni set was $59 which came with green tea, salad, miso soup, about 130g worth of wagyu beef and a small uni Don. I thought everything in the set was well done (maybe if I had to complain the ends of the beef was a bit dry) and the Uni was a generous portion. Note that the don is really half the size of a normal don but taken as a whole the set was more than enough. I was not a huge fan of the ikan billis in the Don (even though I love ikan billis) since it didn’t really go with the Uni in my opinion. Nonetheless, definitely worth a visit (esp with a 1-1) and I would say this is much more value for money than a place like fat cow for eg. Service was also very good!

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Went after dinner at about 10pm. The place was still very crowded although it’s not a large space. Still quite a few choices in terms of cakes. We had a cake that was chocolate based and another which had earl grey and passion fruit. I enjoyed both cakes very much as it was not too sweet and also very moist. Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll return without the Burpple 1-1 as the cakes are about $9 each and is fairly small.

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Ordered the salt baked celeriac 2.0 for dinner. Presented quite nicely (the lighting was bad so this picture doesn’t do it justice). It was tasty but not mind blowing and the portion was very small and also very pricy without the 1-1 on the Burpple app at about $20. I don’t think I would go back even with the 1-1 at this price point. Also note that it’s outdoor dining although it was cool on the day we were there and the ambience is pleasant.

I used the Burpple Beyond App to get the basil pesto cream gnocchi (in picture) which was $15.50 and the avo corny chicken which was $17.50. I enjoyed both dishes but with a slight edge going to the avo corny chicken which was a chicken avocado corn sandwich (the flavours all worked well together) with sweet potato fries that was cooked to perfection. The sauce for the gnocchi was good and light so the whole dish did not feel too heavy. Will definitely go again. Plus points also for good service (water was served without us having to ask) and nice atmosphere (love the high ceilings).

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