💡: 💯 their macarons are really good! Not overly sweet, with a good soft sugar texture with proper flavors that doesn’t taste artificial 👅 I like every flavor 👍. Sad that they don’t allow takeaway for their @burpple promos - something to note ‼️ Their brunch are not exactly cheap but not bad not amazing - basic good brunch options😊

💡: overrall, 👍recommend to try once - the taste does matches up to the looks💗 for bee hive I don’t recommend to takeaway ‼️it went rolling all around the box ⚽️😅

They got really unique flavors like BLUE CHEESE 🧀! (We too coward to try oops) but we got these instead!

⭐️ Mascapone & honey figs 🍯
💯 ! The soft light cheesy really blends well with the creaminess of the ice cream and touch of sweet figs ( just don’t understand why it’s purple 😅)

⭐️ Mango sorbet 🥭
💯! Intense tropical sweetness🏝 love it so much💓 it has a mild sticky texture yet still smooth with bit of icy ❄️

⭐️ black sesame ⚫️
Not the strongest goma flavor - decent for black sesame lovers!

⭐️strawberry and balsamic 🍓
My favorite combi not not my favorite flavor here 🥺 need more strawberries 🍓🥺 sadness.

Overrall, super cute place for your ice cream fix! Open till night too!😊

💡: basically get the chocolate twist croissant - for the price, it’s a good alternative ✅ don’t get their flavored cream croissant - very artificial🥲 - usual basic bakes are decent ✨

💡: keep a look out for their bundle deals! I didn’t eat them immediately, put in chiller and heat it up at 180c for 5 mins 👍 still yums! ( good ➕point for consistent bread quality/taste over time✨)

overrall, I would say there is a good variety of bakes for everyone but kinda on the pricey side for more regular visits. For regulars, I would think their larger bakes like whole flavored sourdoughs and basic breads looks and smells really good ( good price too). Else, go for their sammies and coffee (➕complimentary fancy neighbourhood doggos hangout experience 🐩)


overrall, it’s really a good place to satisfy your tonkotsu ramen - you can add mentaiko!🍜 if you ask me choose, rather come here than keisuke🤭 the noodles are really soft and slurpy💯😍 but if ya looking for strong tonkotsu flavored broth, Kiwami is mid-intensity.

it’s power packed with the sweet saline flavor of the prawn (10x more unami than a usual 🦐)- together with the crisp fluffy potato bread 🍞 omg I wiped down every unami sauce left on that plate 😋

💡: it’s really 💯✨ but just the usual ala carte is definitely 💣💸 so keep a look out for their special menus (eg. their current anni menu at $99+ till 12 sept according to @chopesg )

[chocolate lava croissant $4]💯 The size of croissants are really huge btw hence I personally think it’s quite decently price for the location and ingredients used!🙌

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[Mentaiko salmon croissant $5.50]💯
‼️ the aged smoked salmon inside is wrapped with nori ‼️

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I got to say I know why they are hyped, I really quite like their take on the French’s diabetes pastry 😂 instead of the top, they caramelised the layers bottom hence preserving the soft buttery crisp surface🙌💯 will totally get it over again if there isn’t a queue and so far lol.

The lemon curd cruffin could have bit more filling for my liking haha! But still they really master the art of croissant and still have a homely/traditional aroma/vibes to their bakes🥰

Will get them again if convenient 🥲💗