I read the review of this place on Sunday times and was really looking forward to having it. I called in advance to order the chicken burger and the cheese burger.

The beef burger was nice but some of the edges of the beef was burnt. Still enjoyable.

But the chicken burger was a disappointment. The chicken was burnt and very dry. It left a bitter taste in my mouth after having a bite. Hope they will improve on it in the future. What a letdown :(

This is the first time I’m raving about the waffles. Tried this 2 months ago. It was sooo good. Not too sweet, there’s the taste of the cheese, strawberries and blueberries were also added. The seasonal ice cream was also one of the best. As we didn’t know what the seasonal ice cream was, it was a surprise to us. It was Pulau Hitam and it really tasted similar. It’s a must go and try. High recommended!

Trying this place for the first time due to the free meals with drinks and fries and to my surprise, I thought it was delicious. The gravy were very well done on the mains and the appetiser. Drinks were also great. For the mains, we got #macbabasan and #babasalmon and had fries with chicken rice chilli. They even put a soft boil egg which I thought it’s was a good combination. The yolk made the dish had a richer taste. It was like a western fusion. Macbabasan was beef patty with hash brown and babasalmon was with mee siam gravy with mash potato. It was good!! Will recommend and come back again.

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Had a few celebratory dinner here a few times and I’m always satisfied with the quality of the food even though it’s a buffet. Come here if you want a good sashimi fix. There’s a lot of options to choose from. The pork skewer is also really good as it melts in your mouth. Try the beef too! With the good price, good quality of sashimi cuts and variety of food, you won’t be disappointed!!

This is one of my go to favourite ramen store in Singapore! I love the spicy ramen ($14) because it’s so tasty and I like how thin the noodle is. The soup doesn’t look like it’s going to be spicy but wow, it really packs a punch. It can be quite spicy for those who can’t take chilli. The seaweed is also different but this is why it’s unique. You can also order a lemon to twist things up a bit. The change of flavours from the lemon refresh my palate. Adding in the fried garlic also changes the flavour. With one bowl of ramen and so many tasty flavours, isn’t that great!! Overall this bowl of ramen comforts me on a rainy day.


I tried this for the first time and I raved about it to my friends and colleagues because it was that good. The char siew is a bit on the sweet side but it’s glazed perfectly. The fats with the meat melts in your mouth there’s also a fragrance that makes your mouth drool for more. The key of the platter is definitely the pork belly. The meat is tender, the fats is shiok and the skin crispy. It’s not even hard. This is definitely one of the best pork belly that I’ve ever eaten. It’s a must try!

First dish in Penang and it was goooood. But I’ve tasted better which was the one at Chulia St. The wok hey was stronger there and it’s tastier. But for those who wants a fix of char kway teow and have no time to go to Chulia St, this place is good enough!

Tried Singapore’s curry mee before and it cannot beat the one in Penang at Chulia Street. Even thinking about it now makes my mouth water. It was the best curry mee that I have ever eaten. It taste a little like satay sauce in my opinion. Not super thick but the gravy is not like water. It’s very tasteful and every time you eat a bite, you will want more. Ended up having 2 bowls. The fish ball seems like it’s handmade and it’s very QQ. Typing this makes me want to eat it again! The chilli shiokkkk, curry shiokkkkkk, ingredients shiokkkkkk and together with the noodles is shiokkkk shiokkkkkk shiokkkkkk. Must eat when in Penang!

My go to favourite hotpot in JB. The different types of soup which I have only tried the curry and herbal. Both of them are really good. Try the curry if you want some spicy kick. The herbal is very comforting and tasty. Always going for the salmon and pork platter. It’s perfect for rainy days.

Always going back to the same shop for basil pork rice because of the spiciness and runny eggs that when you mix with the rice, it’s so creamy and shiok. Tried the Tom Yum soup and it was really good too. Whenever I think of having Thai food near my workplace, I will always think of this stall.

This is the first time I tried their hotpot and oh my, I was hooked. Every time my Friend ask me where to meet, I’ll say Dhoby Ghaut Bijin Nabe? It’s like that’s the only food place that exist in that mall. This is a late post but I can still taste the richness of soup in my mouth. Thinking about it every time makes me want to go back to drinking this. The best part is we’re able to add more soup!! We added other ingredients in like prawn, meat ball, red radish and etc. Yum yum. Perfect for a raining day!

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Hohoho, saw this article on sethlui and I knew I had to call my Friend to try it. I love ikura because of how it feels in my mouth. The bursting effects filled with umami. We ordered the medium kaisen don with overflowing ikura to share between the both of us and it costs about $36.80. There were salmon, scallop, yellow tail and tuna and of course, the star, ikura. It’s definitely worth a try especially if you love ikura as much as me. Too bad it is over. Do try it if Teppei Syokudo comes back with it.