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Came with a HUGE cereal prawn, there was a collective gasp at the table when the order arrived😂 The meat was succulent and great when eaten with the generous servings of cereal crumbs. The salted egg pasta itself was average, but at the price point, hardly much to quibble about.

Waited an hour for this so my hunger elevated my expectations. Pretty standard brunch fare and could not taste much of the truffle in the scrambled eggs. Their black and white coffee was full-bodied and rich though!

I would come back for the lunch mains because it looks more appetizing in the reviews.

Yes, this place is still alive!!

And with a bustling lunch crowd of hungry office workers 😄

Waffles with bacon and ham and a side dollop of sour cream, but the focus here is the creamy buttery scrambled eggs! So smooth I loveee. Just wish the waffles were a teeny bit crispier and warmer! Or maybe just ask for a bigger serving of the scrambled eggs next time.

This cafe has been on my wishlist for ages and I’m glad to finally cross it out! The avocado toast came with feta cheese enveloped by an omelette😍 The oyako pan was so good too, the scrambled eggs done just right and went well with the chicken thigh.

Not pictured but also recommended is the strawberry wonderland - warm and crispy pancakes topped with fresh cream and strawberries.

A hole-in-the-wall eatery that serves affordable and yummy Japanese food. They were very generous with the mentaiko and the rice was sticky and chewy with fish roe. I also really liked the miso soup ($1), which was so flavorful with salmon belly inside. My only wish was that the scallops could have been firmer!

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Decided to try this unique-sounding dessert and unanimous verdict: yummy!! Bite into the fried balls filled with soft yam paste, and to up the guilty pleasure ante, dip them into the jawa syrup too. But I gotta say the ice cream provided was NOT pandan gula melaka flavoured as stated in the menu (or if it was, it was vv subtle). It tasted more like vanilla ice cream instead.

The Mac ‘n’ Cheese was wonderfully cheesy, goey and melty with a browned top. It seemed small but I almost couldn’t finish it (could be because some parts had nacho cheese, which I think is overpowering but that’s just personal preference).

Loved the mushroom risotto too, smooth and rich with a distinctive mushroom taste. I also tried their flat white here, which I think is more reasonably priced than other cafes and it came with a cookie too!

Though there was a 50% promotion (eatigo), they didn’t stinge on the quality/quantity. The sauce was thick, tangy and there were fair amounts of crab bits mixed with the pasta! The crab was crispy too. To be fair, not the best chilli crab pasta I’ve eaten, but it’s worth it considering the price.

This restaurant is situated within a hotel and people were literally checking in at the counter a few steps away from us. Quite a cool concept!


The Ispahan eclair (topmost) had a sugared jellied texture that went nicely with the rose cream and raspberry. On the other hand, the strawberry eclair (seasonal for CNY) was just average and there isn’t a distinctive taste.

The iced earl grey latte was so light and refreshing! With a pronounced earl grey aftertaste. The iced mocha was again average.

Enjoyed looking at the eclairs more than actually eating it 😂 however, the cafe did have a nice relaxing ambience, so I would recommend coming here for a lazy tea session and ordering more unorthodox flavours.

The creamy tomato basil soup was both thick and creamy, almost like drinking pasta sauce. It’s a little too rich for me, so I preferred the french onion soup, which was very flavorful and tasty!!

We both got the sweet Thai chicken popiah, which was hearty and tasty. Definitely for those who prefer sweet to savoury.

Only $5/pax with Burrple Beyond.

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Grilled beef bowl - 9/10
Honey miso chicken bowl - 6/10
Otah bowl - 7/10
Truffles mushroom bowl - 7/10

My favourite was by far the grilled beef bowl! The beef was juicy and went so well with the crunchy salted fish skin and onsen egg.

The honey miso chicken was too sweet so that we could hardly taste the fish skin.

$10 for four of these party rice bowls with Burpple Beyond.

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O’ma Spoon seems to have fallen under the radar compared to other popular bingsu chains, but I still really like the bingsus here!

The black sesame flavour is new and comes with matcha rice cakes, red bean paste and crushed almonds. The shaved ice is very milky too (you can make it even milkier with condensed milk). I wish there was more black sesame powder though, a secret layer underneath would have been good :p