This was a surprisingly good dessert. The pear and not so sweet month blanc mousse complemented each other perfectly! Adding the bite with the refreshing pear sorbet was just a perfect bite of heaven in my mouth. Highly recommended if you want to try something out of the ordinary than the typical French soufflé. It’s a light dish too if you are already feeling quite full.

Hehe iberico pork has a good mix of fatty and lean parts- it was amazing by itself BUT with the sour cabbage and mustard sauce, it was sublime! You can however give the only vege main a missed, the clunky turnips, carrot and leeks was not a refined dish and would taste quite boring and one dimensional after more than 3 bites…

This appetizer was unique and oh so satisfying. The peppery pulled duck, pickled shallots, and the unassuming rice pancake with slight spicy mango complement each other. I can eat the fermented sour pancake by itself, as good as a well executed sourdough…

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The spinach kofta with fig was surprisingly the star dish of the night with coconut and SPICY curry. I love that they give extra curry on the side which was a perfect dipping sauce for the flakey wheat paratha. Skip the coriander chicken - the meat was very tough, either it’s not fresh or very overcooked. Have their wine, for an Indian restaurant, their selection was good!

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And as you can see- copious amount of truffles. The noodles is Al dente without over powering truffles taste. Simple and done just right. Appreciate the complementary bread baskets and kueh pi tee bites! The focaccia and olive oil is as perfect as it can get!

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My advice to you is to go for the beer on tap (they have quite a selection) rather than the cocktails which were overly sweet and didn’t have the balance in taste right. Only if you want it- came with salty, spicy and lime for you to self-adjust the cocktail to your liking which was kind of fun.

Food are here are simple and just the right amount of seasoning and sauce. The squid was slightly undercooked and chewy at parts, with a yummy brown butter sauce which is not overly heavy. Aged pomfret had a lemon sauce with capers to cut through any fishiness. Would love to have the lettuce charred instead of in its raw state. Overall a 7 out of 10.

Well baked tender celeriac with truffle toppings and arugula pesto! Must order!

The beef ribs was nicely charred and tender, however the honey mustard dressing is too sweet and would be good if the restaurant is more flexible and allow people to change the root chips (which reminds me of junk food from a packet) to salad or something else

Burnt bits were fantastic, and the sauce is not over powering or heavy, the best dish of the night. A little cons was that you can’t really taste any macadamia but a good dish overall.

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Not recommended, pasta was over cooked, ragu was not cooked down enough- mediocre dish that you can create at home. Meh…