Burnt bits were fantastic, and the sauce is not over powering or heavy, the best dish of the night. A little cons was that you can’t really taste any macadamia but a good dish overall.

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Not recommended, pasta was over cooked, ragu was not cooked down enough- mediocre dish that you can create at home. Meh…

The soupy base is nice and salty, and the pancetta adds a punch. Dip the crusty bread in the stock and it’s a bliss-7.5/10.

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The otah was substantial and thick, however the combination with the egg and muffin wasn’t memorable. Nice spacious cafe though…

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Gin, miso dashi secco, celery, pickle brine- definitely a very briny drink, maybe too savoury for some but I quite like it. Don’t taste the celery though. A few tweaks and this drink would be perfect.

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Scotch, peated scotch, sweet potato, beetroot, orange, chocolate - unfortunately no flavours jumps out, I can’t taste any of the ingredients to be honest.

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The apple was nicely cooked down with sufficient softness and tasted tart. The ice cream was soft and decadent too. Overall the best dish of the night! The corse sugar and cinnamon was the icing on the cake. Wine selection at this restaurant was good too!

The beef was over cooked and lacked flavours. If you are expecting melt in your mouth steak, this is not it. The leaks were undercooked so were the onion on the pie. For $90, you can definitely get better beef else where.

This was good with roasted parsnip, capsicum and cabbage. Pricey but wow.

6/10, too much tendon in the beef and overall nothing to scream about.

The stone sour was not that flavoursome, you can give it a miss. Spicy margarita has a little spicy ending to it. Not bad!

Sour tamarind fish curry and spicy pink peppercorn pork belly with melt in your mouth pork fat. Come try if you have not tried African dishes before. The service staff are very passionate and helpful and definitely add to the good dinner experience!