Super decent price for the quantity of ikura given. The serving is pretty small overall though and there is only 5 small slices of salmon so don't expect this dish to be a full meal. Still, at $11.50 for ikura I'm not complaining. 😊 Limited time only!

Got this platter at $8.80 with Ikura's Monday Yakitori promotion. The Yakitori is just perfect, had a nice char but still juicy inside. Highly recommend!!

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Kosong ($1.20) was crispy and not too oily. The magic meatless murtabak ($6.90) was quite nice too, the filling was savory with lentils and mushrooms.

Love the free flow fish curry too.

Love this flavor to the moon and back. It is so creamy and milky, with bits of honeycomb giving it a natural sweetness. No wonder they named the chain after this ice cream. One thousand percent recommend.

Hatter Street's cool decor is probably one of the few plus points. Ice cream is just so-so only. Interior is a bit cramped and noisy so hard to chill. Better to sit outside if you can.

Enjoyed the weekend 3-6pm oyster happy hour, with $2 oysters (6pc) per alcoholic drink purchased.

The place was absolutely packed due to this promo. Its great value for money and super worth it. The oysters are fresh, creamy and large. They don't skimp on quality just because it is a promotion.

Love it and will be back again.

Laksa was pretty average. Prefer the hawker center versions instead 😅. Otah was really good though, must get!

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The Rosti was surprisingly very well done as it was perfectly crisp on the edges, well-seasoned and not too oily.

The hotcakes were light and airy and perfect to pile on maple syrup, lemon curd and blueberries to create that amazing burst of flavor. Really a unique dish I would come back for!

Just $16 for 2 pax to eat a full meal (4 meats, 2 veggies, 1 sausage, 2 packs of mama noodle and an egg). Super super super worth. Go for the pork belly, garlic chicken and marinated chicken.

This was a bit pricey for basically avocado toast but very very good. The roasted cherry tomatoes are so tasty and smashed avo is well seasoned. Portion is generous as well.

By far the most affordable earl grey milk tea you can find and still tastes pretty legit. No wonder they always have a queue!

They have a whole bunch of different coffee and tea, will try other options next time as well.

Standard army stew, packed full of ingredients and best shared with 2-3 people. Comforting meal on a cold day.