Definitely cooler for this humidity. Generous serving of coconut flesh and ice cream. You have to order this when in the touristy Jalan alor.

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Enticed by the whimsical fairy floss hanging over a cup of Americano, you know you'll have to get one when others have it! Steam rising from the coffee causes the floss to start "raining" thus name as such. But the after effect with sugary drips can be messy...

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Halal Dim Sum at its best! Or certainly one of the best for non-pork Dim Sum Maybe I over rated it! but you certainly must try them!

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Have always wanted to try this, but never really had the time. It's not too bad, a little too much for me to finish on my own. I like how the whipped cream helped to reduce the sweetness of the chestnut cream


Just the right amount of chocolate and sweetness. Hazelnut provided texture and helped in reducing the sweetness.


Really tangy tart with buttery tart base. One of the more expensive tarts of this size that I have had.

Yummy latte with fair amount of milk and coffee. Love that it's not bitter. Will definitely be back.


Crispy exterior and chewy yet cooked centre. Yummy churros that I'll come back for. Prob next time it will be with a dip rather than the drizzle. The drizzle made that already sweet dessert even sweeter.

Dark chocolate tart sprinkled with coarse salt that helps to keep the tart less chocolatey and sweet.

Waffles tasted great. A little burnt and slightly undercooked. But all is good. I guess it could also be because I was their first customer for the day? Anyway do give this a try. One of their recommended waffles

[$12] Here my friend, is an order worth trying. The ratio of egg to toast and the duration to prep this was on point, every bite just left me wanting more 😋
Every bite was complimented well with the sweetness from the fruits and maple syrup! #perfectmatch
Even Minion Bob wants a share of it 😍
Overall, IMO: 3.8/5 ♠️