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This is such a good soft serve!! It is very flavourful and not too sweet. The toppings of crumbs and flakes complement the ice cream so well!! Sad to say, the store will be closing on 31st Dec 2019. The staff were very nice and friendly as well. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Expected more since this was raved but it was pretty normal. The broth is nice, but just as others had reviewed, the soup turns cold very quickly because the aircon in the restaurant is too strong. Fortunately for me, the meat isn’t as dry or tough as what others said, which is pretty good.

However, the service can be improved. We ordered the youtiao and it took forever to come. It only came when I was almost done with the meal, and had to remind the staff around 4 times for my youtiao, because I saw her serving others. She even accidentally poured hot soup on my mum, which really made the dining experience rather unpleasant.

Was shocked by the size of the plate because it’s huge! The pork katsu is average, but the highlight of the dish is the curry. The curry is so fragrant and goes well with the rice. The pork is slightly dry and fatty, so perhaps the chicken might be a better choice for those who don’t like the fats. The one for one makes the dish very worth it. The ambience is really good as well, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Good dining experience here!

Finally tried this after hearing people raves about it. The recommended sweetness level for this chocolate drink is 30%, which is just right for me. The cocoa taste is rich and nice. The honey pearls are really chewy and it has a slight honey flavour that isn’t too overpowering. What a surprisingly pleasant combination!

This is one of my “must eats” when I’m at the food plaza at Takashimaya. It is very affordable and filling enough because of the cheese. The flavours come well together. Highly recommended!!

Decided to try something else other than milk tea this time. I know I know, buying chocolate milk at liho is quite a ridiculous choice. But ok this chocolate milk is really nice! Not too thick. Somehow pearls and chocolate milk is not too bad a combination.

Tried the iced mocha this time round and it is pretty good! It isn’t too bitter, but just nice. The staff are also very polite and friendly. Only downside is the store is quite squeezed, so it is best to get a takeaway.

I really love Partea’s fruit tea series. The tea is so fragrant and refreshing. The fruits in this tea are also very sweet and fresh! It contains watermelon, lime, passion fruit and more. Will definitely come back to try their other flavours!

Went to Marche @ VivoCity for lunch and ordered the Rosti. It is nicely fried and the sour cream complements the Rosti very well. The staff were very pleasant and friendly as well. It is good to share this dish and try out other available dishes at Marche as well since they have such a wide variety of food to choose from! Will definitely come back and try other dishes again.

Was craving for pasta so decided to pop by here. Got the Tempura Mentaiko Pasta. Usual price is $18 but with Burpple Beyond, it is really worth it. The pasta was creamy and the portion is just right so it won’t get too jelak. Fish was also crispy on the outside, but the meat is a bit tough, can be more tender! Atmosphere is great and the staff were very very friendly. Will definitely come back again.

Got this brown sugar milk tea during their one for one promo. Was so excited to try this because there’s finally a bubble tea shop around this area, but it is a bit disappointing. Their pearls are not too bad, can be more flavourful. But the milk tea is too diluted and the milk taste is way too strong for my liking.

Got the burrito bowl this time with grilled spicy chicken. It comes with some pieces of nachos and they are very crispy!! The burrito bowl is very filling and flavourful. The beans go so well with the bowl.