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The concept and price of this place is similar to Aston’s. Got their chargrill spicy chicken chop with homemade dynamite sauce and it’s pretty nice. The homemade sauce is not as spicy as I hope it would be, so it lacks a bit of kick, even though it states “fiery”. The chicken is however pretty tender. You can choose up to 2 sides, and I got the fries and mesclun salad. However, I would recommend their mash potato because it’s very very smooth and yummy, and also recommend sauté Brussels sprouts. Overall, price is very affordable, and ambience is not bad, and service staff were very friendly and welcoming.

The salted egg chicken rice is $6 if you are an NTUC union member! They are super generous with the chicken and salted egg sauce here. Many chicken chunks and they are very tender, and it’s drizzled in adequate amount of salted egg sauce so it won’t be too salty. It can get jelak towards the end, but still very satisfying.

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This set is really worth and so yummy. The black pepper gravy is so flavourful and not too spicy but just right with a light tinge of spiciness. The chicken is really tender as well. Thought it would be dry overall, but it all blends well. However, the sauce is slightly salty. Overall very satisfied with this meal and really affordable as well! The owner is very friendly too.

A healthy daily bowl with smoked salmon for $7.80. For the amount of ingredients that goes into the bowl, this is very worth it! The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the tofu because it tasted a bit sour.

Ordered the sausage fest for $12. As you can tell from the picture, they are super generous with their ingredients. Two sausage patties with eggs and cheddar cheese. Very delicious and not too jelak. Got the plain bagel, but found it A BIT dry, but still not too bad. Service by the staff is very good. They were very friendly and welcoming. The shop wasn’t as crowded as the one at icon village. Will definitely go back and try other bagels!

Back here once again for their Mazesoba! The Nagoya style one is their signature dish. As usual, the noodles are chewy and nice. The minced meat is really well-flavoured, but a bit too salty. Requested for less green onions. You can request for free upsize for the noodles too! This comes with side of soup and free flow tea. Staff are very friendly too. However, seats are limited.

Got 3 tacos for $15. They have 4 meat options to choose from - Ma’s fish, beef brisket, chicken tikka, and pulled bbq jackfruit. You can mix and match, which is great! Got the fish, beef and chicken, and my favourite is the chicken and beef. The fish is a bit fishy for my liking. All the flavours are really flavourful, highly recommend since it’s so affordable. Atmosphere is not bad, but be prepared for noise since it’s a beer bistro afterall.

Got the matcha cruffin at $5. Heated it up in the air fryer and the matcha inside oozed out nicely. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy this! $5 for this might be a little pricey for its size, but it’s good to get this once in a while.

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Got this one-for-one burpple beyond deal @ $16.90. It comes with a soup and drink! The fish sprinkles are really good as it provides a crunch and different texture while eating. Take note that the beef has quite a bit of fats. Overall, very satisfying meal (if you have the one for one deal)!

Finally managed to get the earl grey toast! The toast is filled with a generous portion of earl grey spread and butter. The earl grey taste is really prominent. The toast should be eaten immediately to enjoy its crispiness. Friendly staff!

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert is a place which serves a variety of traditional desserts, such as sesame paste, traditional puddings, Cheng ting etc. One of their popular items are bowls of snow ice. I tried the milk tea snow ice because #bubbleteaaddict and I love it!! The milk tea taste is really on point. Very flavourful. This is good for sharing and the price is so affordable too.

First time trying their mala ppong and I really love it!! Mala lovers would enjoy this! The soup really has the mala taste and there’s really a kick, and not suitable for people who can’t take spicy food because you can’t choose the spice level for this. As usual, the noodles at nipong naepong can never go wrong, very chewy and yummy. Would order this again!! Bad thing is that there is always a long queue and we waited for around an hour to get a seat on an ordinary weekday, so be prepared to wait!