Fluffy waffles with hazelnut ice cream that is light and not too sickeningly sweet. They have very friendly staff who really made my day! Be prepared to wait though on a Friday night as there are many customers.

The lychee martini cheesecake is a highly recommended dessert. It has chunks of lychee bits in it. The texture of the cheesecake is pretty creamy, somewhat between a cheesecake and a pudding, as it is a no-bake cheesecake. The flavours complement one another very well, and it is light and not too jelak.

This is only available during lunch and it’s not on their menu. It has a generous serving of steak with sukiyaki sauce, with an onsen egg. The steak is really tender and well-marinated. Amazing. The regular steak on their menu is delicious as well, and one thing I liked was that the steak is already cut for you, which saves the trouble. Remember to ask for a reservation or be prepared to wait as it is a popular dining spot!

We had a group lunch and ordered the Mango Set which has 10 courses, and a mix of fusion Chinese food. The crispy yam bag with scallops is really surprising and the flavours balanced so well, which is really pleasant for someone who doesn’t like yam. The truffle dumplings with shitake mushrooms are delicious too, if you like truffle. The rest of the menu can be found on their website. Overall, really good quality food and a very great experience with nice ambience and very welcoming staff.

Got the one for one deal and the total price for 2 sets is around $14.80 which is super worth it! The beef is sweet and tender. There are a lot of side dishes you can add on e.g. tempura, gyozas etc. We chose the gyoza and it’s crispy and nice. Overall a very pleasant experience and would definitely return!

Discovered this place at Sunshine Plaza, serving authentic Japanese food. We ordered the Unagi don and it is a must to order drinks in order to use the burpple beyond deal. The Unagi bowl is actually smaller than expected, as we got it in M size. (They have M, L and XL). But the Unagi is really flavourful and so delicious. Service, however, is a bit slow, but the Japanese staff was very very nice and polite. Other than that, their menu is very diverse and has a lot of variety! Would be interested to try out other dishes in future.

Got the small size and we are allowed to choose 2 toppings. Chose the speculoos lotus biscuit sauce with KitKat balls and the overall combination is really nice. Caution though, the ice cream melts really fast.

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The chrysanthemum taste is really nice, but I think it’s mainly from the milk tea, not the pearls. But their pearls are definitely one of the nicest pearls I’ve ever tried!! They are so chewy and Q and the overall texture is perfect. And it’s pretty affordable as well!! Using a passion card gives you 5% discount.

Got the smallest available size ($9.90). You can select a variety of greens, and up to 2 poke. I chose the spicy mayo salmon and mentaiko salmon, which were both very delicious. Topped it off with the free garnishes of garlic chips, furikake and tobiko. There is also a variety of sauces for you to choose from e.g. shoyu, spicy mayo etc. The completed bowl tastes so flavourful and yet healthy at the same time. The place is really cozy and the lunch crowd isn’t that bad as most people opt for takeaway. The staff were really friendly as well!

This is such a good soft serve!! It is very flavourful and not too sweet. The toppings of crumbs and flakes complement the ice cream so well!! Sad to say, the store will be closing on 31st Dec 2019. The staff were very nice and friendly as well. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Expected more since this was raved but it was pretty normal. The broth is nice, but just as others had reviewed, the soup turns cold very quickly because the aircon in the restaurant is too strong. Fortunately for me, the meat isn’t as dry or tough as what others said, which is pretty good.

However, the service can be improved. We ordered the youtiao and it took forever to come. It only came when I was almost done with the meal, and had to remind the staff around 4 times for my youtiao, because I saw her serving others. She even accidentally poured hot soup on my mum, which really made the dining experience rather unpleasant.

Was shocked by the size of the plate because it’s huge! The pork katsu is average, but the highlight of the dish is the curry. The curry is so fragrant and goes well with the rice. The pork is slightly dry and fatty, so perhaps the chicken might be a better choice for those who don’t like the fats. The one for one makes the dish very worth it. The ambience is really good as well, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Good dining experience here!