Amazing view and ambiance. Average food. Worth it? Hmm find out more on on insta! 🤩

I swear this is the yummiest risotto ever... it’s truffle-Y, not too heavy or creamy and has crispy umami laden mushroom pieces atop. Also, there’s a 50% off all mains here so what’s there not to love. From someone who has tried almost everything on the dinner menu LOL, this is THE BEST


Good food, good coffee ☕️ in a gorgeous roadside cafe along Telok Ayer. I love the outdoor seating — perfect for natural sunlight, fresh air and a lot of people watching 👀🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏾

One of my go-tos at the CBD. I was SO delighted to know that this was newly added on #burpplebeyond 🤩Being able to enjoy yummy food while being a thrifty kween sends fireworks through my synapses 😂

Grilled Salmon was served with hummus, cauliflower, pomegranate seeds. I’ve had many grilled salmons... even expensive ones and this IS. THE. BEST. The salmon is cooked through but still so juicy, pink and tender. And the SKIN IS SO CRISPY without being greasy?!?! Wow. I must say the portion has shrunk though 😂 (2/3 of before but it’s ok! since it’s cheaper now too!)

Also tried the Aubergine Wrap that was stuffed with grilled bell peppers, hummus & alotta feta cheese also. I wished the aubergine was more “grilled” and flavourful but overall a very satisfying wrap

I had the Iced Oat Milk Piccolo Latte. Idk why I thought I was so cool getting piccolo but omg it was tiny gonna stick to flat white ☕️ on IG

Set in a revamped colonial building, you’ll find Botanico at the Garage along the Botanic Gardens trail. With many fusion creations on the menu and a sleek minimalistic interior, I was intrigued. Expecting the waiter to show me to my seat I was puzzled when led outside. To my surprise, we had a table at the loveliest outdoor hidden bar. While we were able to enjoy the fresh air, natural sunlight pouring in and a peak into the flora of the gardens, the air-conditioning ensured that the sweltering heat of the tropics did not compromise on our experience. With regards to food, I tried to order the less meat heavy recommendations and also the more exotic sounding ones. Perhaps that was the wrong move as food was good but not as spectacular as the ambiance made it to be. Would I return? Probably for the beautiful space to hang out in and to try the other dishes! But will not order these few again... (read below) —

Slipper Lobster Tagliatelle: thought the pasta was really fresh and had a good bite to it but the XO sauce base was far too diluted and watery... it was seriously lacking a punch in spice or umami. Felt like it had so much potential! esp w the super succulent sous-vide lobster 🦞 —

Jalapeño Ice cream was a wacky mishmash of flavours that did not go together. It was basically spicy pickle juice with vanilla ice cream... why... quite nauseating actually... would 10/10 recommend the Ondeh Ondeh w kaya ice cream or Lemongrass pannacota instead #regrets —

Cauliflower was delicious. Mushroom soup latte was too frothy and not as poignant as I like it to be. Scallop ceviche was good but pretty darn pricy. —

Food 6.5/10. Ambiance 10/10.

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Tiniest coffee shop ever! Came here bc it was on #burpplebeyond 1 for 1 and I really wanted to try the CEREAL MILK LATTE 😱😱😱. While I loved the cozy interior and minimalistic-artsy accents in it, I must admit I was quite disappointed that 1) the taste of this unique milk didn’t really come though in the latte (but the barista was nice enough to let me try the milk on its own and it was mellow and sweet!) 2) IMPORTANT TO NOTE that it’s not #vegan cereal oat-esque milk it’s cereal + normal milk... We also had the banana cake which was really moist and not too sweet, served with a line of coffee butter. Again I wish the bitterness of the coffee was stronger bc it could easily pass off as normal butter. Basically more oomph please thank you 😊 —

Overall, really happy that I finally checked out this little tranquil nook amidst the bustling cbd stretch. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over good quality coffee beans!

Walked past this ancient-China-communist-themed bar at Telok Ayer, found that it sold YTF in the day and I immediately fell in love 🥰— never thought my favourite food could be served in a historically themed heritage shophouse that plays to my fascination of this modern cultural distract. —

While this was slightly pricier than average ($6-7), you get the amazing ambiance + SUPER good quality & generously cut “liao” so I’ll say it’s 100% #worthit ! Also one of the more affordable things in the area if you don’t count the hawker centre 😬Highlight here is to get the YTF dry tossed in some thick savoury black sauce with a bowl of thick beehoon tossed in that same sauce with mince meat. I got the soup 🍜 version which was #meatfree and SO delicious (not the type of soup that’s loaded w MSG 👌). —

Overall I really love this place 10/10 for food, ambiance and prices. Make sure you’re able to beat the lunch crowd though! The couple next to me was fighting to chope seat with their tissue packets and lanyard.. super classic CBD style.. I told them I’ll save it for them it’s ok😂
REALLY missing Yong Tau Foo right now 😭 Bite size pieces of 39347474 variations of tofu/ tofu skin/ fish paste (tofu lovers paradise 🤤), vegetables with a hearty bowl of soup and noodles AHHHH it’s been awhile... let me ramble about this for the 294848th time.

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Finally checked this out bc 1) I’ve never tried the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery classic croissant 🥐 2) Safari themed cafe at Dempsey?! Love the vibes already. As expected, the venue was LOVELY... see the last video for a somewhat dramatic we-have-been-trekking-through-the-wilderness-and-we stumbled-upon-civilisation cut. All the chill positive brunch vibes are intensified by this rustic setup. It truly felt as if I had been transported to another world. Definitely 100/10 for ambiance. Now with regards to food, I like how you can help yourself to water, jams, Nutella. Plain croissant is $3.50 ++ ($4.12) which I think is ok-ay since most bakeries sell at this price + it was HUGE + Super flaky and look how perfect it is inside!! I’ve had the almond croissant at the Raffles City outlet and a few other pastries here and I wish to COMPLAIN that the service staff is so rude 😤 Super impatient w taking orders, got annoyed when I asked about a product @ the dempsey outlet, overall grumpy... stop killing the good brunch vibes! Also, all the pastries I’ve had are always not hot enough. Having read other reviews, I see that this is a common complaint... hopefully @tiongbahrubakery can tweak their standard heating duration bc it really makes a difference to the delicate texture of the croissant. I was ready to join the bandwagon and crown this the “best croissant in SG” but I think the slight cold-staleness was a major bummer.

Overall, I’ll be back for the ambiance and perhaps the plain croissant. Don’t think the other pastries are worth the $ bc it’s much more expensive ($4-6) and it was pretty average eg the Pain Au Chocolate (meagre line of Choc) and you can’t appreciate the signature airiness of the croissant in the dense Almond Croissant.

so many meat free options like tempe, tofu and quorn... also the SAMBAL TEMPE is Super legit and shioooock I was really surprised. Smallest bowl as shown is $8 and the portion is really generous I must say. Best salad in CBD / singapore 🇸🇬 !!

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Truffle La Mian ($8.80) with a local drink of choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the strong aroma of truffle that wafted from this bowl of noodles below $10... much less the (albeit minuscule) specks of truffle bits 😮. Much like #greendot , the la mian was cooked to a perfect texture. Each strand of noodle was luxuriously coated in the mouth-watering gravy that captured the natural umami from the mushrooms 🍄 The deep undertones are complemented well with a refreshing crunch from the Nai Bai. I tried my best not to finish all the #carbs but it was just irresistible...

Clearly a 10/10 and defo a must try if you’re ever at Grove (SMU)

I’ve been on the hunt for some stellar Ipoh Hor Fun in Singapore 🧐 Silky slippery thin rice noodles with just the right amount of springiness to withstand a noodle pull shot... in a bowl of flavourful (not too herbal) dark sauce and toppings. It’s also SO easy to go #meatfree with this dish. The Chinese mushroom you can find in each dry hor fun option is soo meaty and umami is intensified from the drying process (really obsessed with dried chinese mushrooms lately 🍄 🤤). I ordered the Mushroom Hor Fun ($3.50/$4.50), yielding a generous serving of crunchy bok choy 🥬 atop the bed of noodles and mushroom bites. Got the smaller portion and thought it was really substantial already! 加-ed $1.50 to try their famous handmade crispy fish dumplings which were really yummy and added yet another layer of texture.


While I loved this meal, I did not think it was an insanely phenomenal plate of hor fun... the one at Maxwell — can’t recall nor find the name bc it’s not even “famous” — was tastier and the noodles were smoother. Think that dash of fragrant sesame oil did the trick... 😉