plant 🌱 lovers

plant 🌱 lovers

delicious plates that embrace the natural flavours of vegetables. do it for the earth and your health! here are some ideas for vegans/vegetarians/anyone looking to go meat-light
shania s
shania s

Walked past this ancient-China-communist-themed bar at Telok Ayer, found that it sold YTF in the day and I immediately fell in love 🥰— never thought my favourite food could be served in a historically themed heritage shophouse that plays to my fascination of this modern cultural distract. —

While this was slightly pricier than average ($6-7), you get the amazing ambiance + SUPER good quality & generously cut “liao” so I’ll say it’s 100% #worthit ! Also one of the more affordable things in the area if you don’t count the hawker centre 😬Highlight here is to get the YTF dry tossed in some thick savoury black sauce with a bowl of thick beehoon tossed in that same sauce with mince meat. I got the soup 🍜 version which was #meatfree and SO delicious (not the type of soup that’s loaded w MSG 👌). —

Overall I really love this place 10/10 for food, ambiance and prices. Make sure you’re able to beat the lunch crowd though! The couple next to me was fighting to chope seat with their tissue packets and lanyard.. super classic CBD style.. I told them I’ll save it for them it’s ok😂
REALLY missing Yong Tau Foo right now 😭 Bite size pieces of 39347474 variations of tofu/ tofu skin/ fish paste (tofu lovers paradise 🤤), vegetables with a hearty bowl of soup and noodles AHHHH it’s been awhile... let me ramble about this for the 294848th time.

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so many meat free options like tempe, tofu and quorn... also the SAMBAL TEMPE is Super legit and shioooock I was really surprised. Smallest bowl as shown is $8 and the portion is really generous I must say. Best salad in CBD / singapore 🇸🇬 !!

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Truffle La Mian ($8.80) with a local drink of choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the strong aroma of truffle that wafted from this bowl of noodles below $10... much less the (albeit minuscule) specks of truffle bits 😮. Much like #greendot , the la mian was cooked to a perfect texture. Each strand of noodle was luxuriously coated in the mouth-watering gravy that captured the natural umami from the mushrooms 🍄 The deep undertones are complemented well with a refreshing crunch from the Nai Bai. I tried my best not to finish all the #carbs but it was just irresistible...

Clearly a 10/10 and defo a must try if you’re ever at Grove (SMU)

DIY Salad🥗 ...but with clear hot SOUP... for under $10 (or maybe even $5)?! Yong Tau Foo is one of my favourite things about Singapore and it’s my go-to . It’s so comforting, quick and I know I’m getting nutrients from a variety of vegetables than just a bowl of starch.


If you’re like me, you HAVE to check this out. Not every YTF has such an extensive variety (of veg🥕🌶🥦 esp... love the PURPLE spinach!). Each ingredient is freshly stuffed every morning and even the PASTE filling is homemade from scratch #madrespect for the tedious preparation.

A truffle centred Italian restaurant with a cozy yet chic charm situated next to Scarlet boutique hotel. Service was soo welcoming - no pretentious intimidating vibes - 10/10 would return!

Tajarin Casa. Signature 28 egg yolks thin noodles | fresh winter black truffle. This is unlike any pasta I’ve ever had — the only way I can describe it is overcooked thin meepok 😂 they do a really good job at soaking in all the flavour though. AHH alas the freshly shaved truffles + the GLORIOUS MAGNIFICent LUXURIOUS unforgettable
sauce 😭 i licked that plate clean...

Starter: Capesante.
Pan fried scallops | truffle fondue | caviar | black truffles. Scallops were really fresh almost had that melt in yo mouth feel to it but the fondue had no truffle ¿

TRUFFLE VANILLA ICE CREAM 🍦like whuttttt! I was so excited for this but honestly the combination was really odd. It was like normal vanilla ice cream with truffle oil stirred through... blehh

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Got the tofu and pumpkin bowl and added mushrooms $1 and multi grain rice $2. Add ons are charged full on top of the 1 for 1!

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Layers of lentils, mushrooms, soy mince slathered in cashew cheese sauce. With a side of garden salad to lighten and refresh the meal. No comparison made to mainstream lasagna it’s so delicious as a dish of its own!

Was amazed to see the selection of breads and dips at Pita Bakery. Everything is made fresh from scratch in store. They even have an overnight crew to knead the bread for the next day! I had the Free Fill Bread which included a generous serving of chopped vegetables and the filled with the most tasty, crispy falefels. It was so delicious especially with the side of Babaganoush (egg plant dip) that brought it all together. I really need to go back ASAP and try the sesame/za’atar/ ras bread and the other dips ahhhh

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Shroom Burger >>> SmokeShack. No green biasses here. Trust me, I was as shook 😯.

I’m more of an in&out gal but given all the buzz I decided to give Shake Shack another shot. Boy was I disappointed. The patty did not manage to hit all the basic notes — it was dry, not that tasty... I’d probably scoot to McDonald’s given its price points too 🍔.

HOWEVER the crisp-fried portobello mushroom... with cheddar cheese... oooooof 🤤. It had the perfect thickness of batter, the juiciest meatiest portobello, with some sauce/seasoning that made it incredibly tasty. 💯% would recommend skipping the overhyped classic burger for what you’d not find at most fast food joints.

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