I almost look forward to the encouraging note handwritten by the staff from Le Shrimp Ramen in my delivery order..😊 I ordered the Red Garoupa with Pickled Vegetables Hor Fun in Tonkotsu Broth this time. The garoupa chunks were very fresh with no fishy taste at all. Normally I would remove the fish skin but kudos to the chefs at Le Shrimp Ramen for cooking it so well that it was absolutely slurp-worthy. I was surprised that there were spicy undertones in the broth initially until I fished out some picked green chili heads. As with the robust shrimp broth, I finished every drop of the creamy and rich tonkotsu broth. Another perfectly executed dish from homegrown favourite Le Shrimp Ramen. What more could you ask for in your comfort food in these trying times. #SGUnited #SupportLocal #StayHomeForSG

Another encouraging note handwritten by the staff of Le Shrimp Ramen for my delivery order ❤️ I ordered the prawn dumpling thick vermicelli in shrimp broth and chilled silken tofu with century egg as an appetiser. I throughly enjoyed the slippery thick vermicelli that paired so well with the slightly oily and robust shrimp broth. The four accompanying prawn dumplings were also perfectly executed with its plump and crunchy prawn filling. The prawn dumplings were almost too pretty to be eaten. I was never a fan of century eggs for its strong ammonia taste but the halved century egg with the silken tofu was surprisingly palatable. With its warm and personable service and consistent excellent food quality, Le Shrimp Ramen certainly excels on all fronts. There is nothing more we can expect from a F&B establishment in such trying times 😊 #SGUnited #SupportLocal #StayHomeForSG

I have been ordering in Korean stews and fried chicken; and burgers and fries of late so decided to go back to familiar favourite Le Shrimp Ramen. Food wise, no complaints as usual. But what really made my day and touched me was the encouraging poetic note handwritten by the restaurant. The delivery rider was also very prompt, polite and professional in the contactless delivery process. It’s acts of kindness in times like these that really make a difference 💪🏻💪🏻 加油 SG! #SGUnited #SupportLocal #StayHomeForSG

Not sure if Chateraise would be operational during the one month shutdown so decided to drop by to satisfy some dessert cravings. I got the Crispy Chocolate Cake, Legendary Fresh Cream Cake, grape jelly and some ice-cream. I decided on the Legendary Fresh Cream Cake as the strawberry milk cake was not available. Somehow the Crispy Chocolate Cake was not as satisfying this time round. Maybe cos the Legendary Fresh Cream Cake really lived up to its name as it was so light and fluffy and the juicy fresh strawberries added just the right amount of tartness. I think I will have no problem polishing off the whole 18cm cake by myself hahaha. I will be looking out for more strawberry based cakes at Chateraise. Oishi!

Impressed with the fried chicken repertoire at Ahtti Korean Chicken, I decided to try their newly added non-chicken dishes. I ordered the seafood soondubu and plain fried boneless chicken this time. The seafood soondubu was filled to the brim with mussels, clams, prawns, leeks, onions, zucchini, egg and egg tofu. I wished they had used plain tofu instead of egg tofu as it just didn’t taste as authentic with egg tofu which was obviously used to tweak to local tastebuds. I would also have appreciated if they had added kimchi to the soup or at least provided a side portion of it. Though it was very hearty as it also came with a portion of rice, the soondubu didn’t exactly satisfy due to the lack of kimchi, use of egg tofu and it was also rather salty. The plain fried chicken came with a ganjang dip and a spicy dip. I preferred the ganjang dip. Having tried all the flavours now, my go to fave would definitely be the Yangnyeom flavour. Now they just have to add other Korean staples like tteokbokki to their menu.


The Yangnyeom Boneless Chicken at Ahtti Korean Chicken thoroughly exceeded my expectations as it still retained its crispy coat despite being drenched in the sweet and spicy sauce. The generous chicken chunks were very juicy as usual. Out of the four flavours I have tried so far at Ahtti, Yangnyeom would be my go to flavour anytime.

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After my rather pleasant encounter with the honey butter boneless chicken from Ahtti Korean Chicken, I decided to order the intriguingly named Chili Padi Boneless Chicken this time. Obviously created for local tastebuds, the glistening golden brown fried chicken was studded with a few thin slices of chili padi. This chili padi chicken did not taste as potent as its name suggested. This was probably due to the fact that the chicken was drenched in honey which helped to neutralise the heat from the chili padi.


I had a craving for Korean fried chicken and decided to order in Ahtti Korean Chicken, the new kid on the block located in Jurong. I opted for the Honey Butter Boneless Chicken (half chicken). I have never tried honey butter korean fried chicken before so didn’t quite know what to expect. My order came with nine pieces of fried chicken showered with honey butter powder seasoning. The chicken was not greasy at all though the crunchy batter was a little hard. The order also came with a big portion of pickled radish cubes which was a good idea as it helped to cut through the heatiness of the fried chicken.

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I had a cashback voucher from Prata Alley so decided to order the Nasi Goreng Kampong for supper. I got a whiff of the potent chili (bottom right hand corner of pic) once I opened the box. It looked pretty nondescript but boy, did it pack a punch. Fortunately I’m quite the spice fiend or it could be too overpowering for those who can’t handle too much heat. The fried rice was cooked with long beans, carrots, onions, chives, egg and topped with an oozy sunny side up and two slices of cucumber. It also came with fish crackers which could be fresher. Overall I enjoyed my supper as the nasi goreng kampong was moist and flavourful and the crispy ikan bilis added enough crunch. Yums.

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I enjoyed Prata Alley’s bee hoon goreng Ikan bilis and kway teow goreng seafood so thought I would try the other dishes on its menu. But my latest encounter with Prata Alley proved to be rather uneventful. I ordered the mutton chop and sardine murtabak this time. The murtabak looked rather unappealing when I opened the packet as it lacked the golden brown colour normally seen on murtabak. I had hoped the flavours would make up for the lack of aesthetics. Unfortunately the sardine filling was completely bland to the point of I could hardly even taste the sardine. All I could taste was the thick doughy texture of the murtabak. They should have added sliced red chili to the sardine filling to make it more palatable. Maybe they should take a leaf out the sardine epok epok’s book where the sardine filling is usually moist and spicy with onions and red chili. The mutton chop in the pic looked a mess because it was completely concealed by the blanket of fries and I had to dredge up the mutton for the purpose of this pic haha. The fries were obviously piled on top to retain its crispness. The dish also came with a sunny side up egg, cucumber and tomato slices. This was my first time trying mutton chop and I found it too gamey for my tastebuds. This was rather surprising to me as I love western style lamb chops. Maybe I should stick to the rice and noodle dishes at Prata Alley next time.

Had wanted to try the Ootoya Gozen but they ran out of one ingredient (which they didn’t specify) so I ordered the Fish & Chicken Combo Set which was essentially charcoal grilled saba and deep fried chicken and vegetables in black vinegar sauce. It came with two pieces of the deep fried chicken and one piece each of carrot, baby potato, pumpkin, lotus root, eggplant. I really enjoyed the lotus root which was deep fried first. It was really crunchy and would like to suggest they include this as an appetiser on the menu. The chicken was as usual thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t get enough of its crispy batter haha. The saba had much fewer bones than the hokke so it was a relief. The former was also well marinated and the skin was grilled to a slight crisp albeit rather oily though it was expected. Let’s hope they have all the ingredients available for the Ootoya Gozen next time.

Was craving for grilled fish after watching a K-drama where the character always had a craving for the dish. Thus decided to order the Hokke Set (charcoal grilled atka mackerel) at Ootoya near my place to satisfy my craving. Not quite Korean grilled fish but this will do haha. Also ordered the Tori Kurozu (vegetable medley and fried chicken in black vinegar sauce) as an appetiser. I selected the Gokoku rice (5 grain rice) for the Hokke Set. I kinda regretted ordering Hokke after my first bite cos man, I found myself picking out bones throughout my meal. There were just way toooo many bones. The fish also became rather salty towards the end. The Tori Kurozu was also a slight disappointment as the picture in the menu showed there were lotus root, eggplant, long beans, baby potatoes, carrots. But my order only had baby potatoes and broccoli. At least the fried chicken came in big chunky juicy pieces and retained its crispy coat despite being slathered in the black vinegar sauce. This sauce would not taste out of place on any decent Korean fried chicken.