My favourite pasta is pappardelle in a tomato based sauce, and this was a well executed dish. The sauce was rich and flavourful, and paired well with the flat pasta which was cooked al dente. The pork was good as well! Would definitely come back to try their other menu offerings :)

Oh this was SO worth it!!! I’d come even without Burpple’s 1-1 deal! I have a rough inkling they’d sous vide the steak before searing it, thereby giving it a delightfully tender texture. Broccoli, coleslaw, and mashed sweet potato which tasted healthy also made feel less guilty about eating the steak. Portion was decent as well!! Will definitely rec this!

Fish was so well marinated! Came with a side that was also changeable and a small bottle of home brewed kombucha! You’ll love this burger if you’re a huge fan of farm to table dining and healthy eating.

Quite a heafty dish, don't let the size fool ya. It was a delicious seaweed infused base with al dente pasta but was a bit 'jelat', definitely one for sharing. Sea Bass was fresh but could do with more with the flavour. Pickles provided a citrusy palate cleanse after the burst of flavour from the pasta base.

Oh we licked this plate clean! One of the best dishes here imo. Prawns and mussels are sourced locally from the east coast, and arrived in the morning itself. So the seared prawns were super fresh and that light searing brought out the flavours. Risotto was also cooked al dente. Was sad when we finished this plate. 😭

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We won Burrple Beyond’s 1 year anniversary giveaway, but the food and people here won our hearts. The mussels here were plump and juicy, and the mantou fried to perfection. Curry was so exceptional we literally almost drank up everything we had, even without the mantou. It was a mix of Indian and Chinese curry, mixed with a bit of Assam. A great, refreshing unique combination!


Went over for a short birthday celebration and boy the lychee rose cake was so well done - it left a light, fragrant, floral aftertaste. Lemon meringue cake which was light and zesty, is a top pick as a dessert after a really heavy meal.

This was a super healthy bowl of goodness by the TCC for all the health conscious peeps out there - good thing we balanced it out with the chilli crab pasta!!

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Chilli crab pasta’s all the rave now, and if you wanna try one version that’s on the spicier side, this is the one try!

Their turnip fries was the bomb. It’s like eating a popiah filling without the popiah skin. Texture’s great and what a genius creation!

Love the generous shavings of cheese drizzled on the pasta! Creaminess was on point too! Fancied this more than its rendition of chicken rice pasta.

While the noods were homemade, it sadly wasn’t able to warrant that extra attention from us. Serving of chicken was way generous though - we were really full from that, so props to them!