Dark chocolate glaze and mousse, followed by a sea salt base. The chocolate nodes were perfectly rich, but the mousse was light and the base added a nice texture and hint of change in flavour. It sounds decadent, but in fact it was a perfect balance of richness and lightness. I would definitely come back to try the other desserts available. For the price I’m paying, it’s worth every dollar for the amount of effort and skill that went into this plate. It’s more than just a dessert, it’s an art.


This tastes as good as it looks! It was super refreshing, slightly tangy and the best part, healthy! It did not taste diluted at all and flavour was not compromised in any way even though it’s a healthy bowl. The fruits and granola added different textures into each mouthful! Definitely worth a stop anytime you are taking a stroll through Botanic Gardens!


This was a breakfast that lasted me more than a good half of the day, and fuelled me through work on a weekend. Of all the eggs bennys i have had, this has to be the winner in my books. Eggs were executed perfectly, with runny yolk, and the dish was not drenched in hollandaise (which I really appreciated). There was a substantial amount of spinach and bacon which was enough for every bite till the end. And, let’s not forget the potatoes, those golden nuggets packed with flavour, with a slightly spicy kick to it, really elevated the whole dish and in a long time left me feeling like an eggs benny actually satisfied me.

My only regret about this softserve was that I did not get the large cup!! It was rich, chocolately, and I loved the brownie bits hidden amongst each mouthful of the softserve. It was not too sweet, hence though it was rich, it was not overwhelming. The portion was generous as well, and it was the perfect dessert to have in the sweltering hot weather!


Could really taste the POWER in this nasi lemak. Rice was very fragrant, full of lemak goodness and light and fluffy. Egg was fried to perfection, with a runny yolk and soft whites. The chicken, completed the dish. It was marinated very well, fried to a crisp, juicy but not oily, and in each mouthful you could taste the spices and seasoning that went into the marination. The chilli was sweet with a slight kick, which went nicely with all the savoury items. Overall, a solid nasi lemak, and only at $3.50 is very satisfying.


The nasi lemak aspects: fluffy coconut rice (check), sweet chilli (check), ikan bilis and peanuts (check). The nasi lemak aspects were done well, and based on that I was already convinced it was going to be a solid lunch. But wait, throw in crispy battered tempura (and can you also spy the tempura ramen egg) it made this a crazy satisfying meal. This checks off nasi lemak and tempura cravings at the same time! The ingredients were really generous, with prawns, chicken and an assortment of different vegetables! I was very impressed that the tempura was fried on the spot, hence it wasn’t soggy and neither did it have an oily aftertaste. The dipping sauce that came with the meal was slightly tangy and refreshing, and really complimented the other heavier components of the dish.

With the 1 for 1 it makes this a super worthy deal!! Even so, I would still pay full price to come back for another round of this.

Got a mix of the spicy sauce and soy garlic, and the soy garlic is definitely the winner! My first time at Jinjja and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Skin was perfectly crispy and the chicken thighs were juicy and large! Good place to have a snack or meal with friends!

Heard so much about this place and I’m so happy I finally got to try it! Never imagined that earl grey and lemongrass would fuse so nicely together into a refreshing yet satisfying mouthful! I loved their handmade cone as well, and you can definitely smell the freshly made cones even before entering the shop. Overall, this is one of the best ice cream places I’ve tried so far, and even as a Westie, I would make the trip down to the east just to get my hands on another one!


Wow, wow, WOW! That was my reaction upon taking the first bites of the softserve, cheesecake and biscuit. The softserve was milky and subtly cheesy. The cheesecake was just melt in the mouth goodness. And the salt and Camembert biscuit added a nice savoury dimension to the dessert. I have to say, this is one of the best Milky cheesecakes I’ve had in my life so far. It was overall a very pleasant dessert to have after lunch and I definitely would be back for more!

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This is one puff you would never have to worry about having not enough filling to get you through the choux pastry. The matcha filling is generous, creamy and not overly sweet. The matcha powder dusted on top of the puff adds a slight bitterness which balances out the cream and pastry. It may seem a little pricey, but it is definitely substantial enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Having a teochew grandpa who loves cooking means I've eaten countless steamed fish, be it at home or in restaurants to know that THIS steamed fish really lives up to its Michelin star. The thing about steamed fish is that if it isn't fresh, you can tell right away. This was steamed to perfection, and the sauce was light, yet savoury. Honestly, this fish and a bowl of rice would be a very happy meal for me.

I always order this without fail. Always. What's not to like about paradise's classic dumplings with generous amount of filling, paired with springy noodles, drenched in chilli garlic vinegrette topped with spring onions??

I always feel like I've walked out of paradise eating this.