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Dairy free dragonfruit soft serve, made from pure fruit. Delish and refreshing! They have a dairy free mango flavour too, which is next on my list to try. From the bazaar pop up outside Tampines station.

Really yummy! Picked flower clams, baby cabbage, baby corn, quail eggs, oyster mushrooms, spinach & sweet potato vermicelli drenched in their secret spicy sauce & sesame sauce. The portion u get per ingredient is really small, so what I ordered amounted to just a snack. If u're looking for a full meal, definitely choose more ingredients. Sauce was rather mild, so do add the chilli flakes available if u prefer a more spicy kick.

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Could taste the chicken and clams in the broth, but neither flavour was very pronounced. Was just alright. Sad thing was that there was just one clam in the entire bowl. Topped up $1.50 for the ramen egg.

Meh bowl of ramen. Soup has vinegar in it, which puts a totally different spin on the broth. While it does cut through the fat and make the soup less heavy, my ramen craving is still not satisfied. Comes with a little dish of ebi la-yu to add for spice.

My new favourite thing to get at Potato Corner! Got sweet corn, cheese, sour cream. Wish it was possible to choose the size of the cup - these come in one size only.
Best thing abt the tater tots is that they're still crispy even if u wait a bit before eating. Better option for takeaway than the fries!

The best vegan soft serve I've had in SG! This has an almond milk base, and u can faintly taste the almond flavour mixed in with the chocolate, peanut butter and banana.
The vegan flavour is rotated monthly. I'm going to miss this so much when it's gone! I've already been back three times this month!

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Juicy and a generous portion for the price

Not my favorite rendition...

An off menu item - just ask for it! Thai omelette are so fluffy!

Spicy coconut milk soup. Good! A nice change from the usual tom yam soup. Seafood was fresh and generous

It was $3.80 for a base of soy milk and signature granola, plus $1.80 for each type of fruit you choose. I picked cherries and blueberries, and got a drizzle of honey.
The bowl was good! I really enjoyed it actually, but the price might put me off coming back as often as I’d like. The fruit was really crunchy and fresh! Portion was small, but the granola was hearty and filling.

I’m partial to apple pastries, and this is one of the better ones I’ve had recently. Puff pastry was deliciously sticky and super flaky. Was stuffed full of stewed apple slices, no cream or custard fillers like apple pastries normally have. So good I’ve been back twice just for these!