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Salted egg t0m yum pasta 👌 quite rich, good portion of ingredients great to share 2 dishes with 2 pax ↦$16.90
Pan Fried Fish With Tom Yum Sauce Looks can be receiving sometimes and I know this does not look as appetising. But trust me, it is one of the best pan fried fish I had in a long while. It's soft and tender yet crispy on the surface. There are 4 sides that you could choose from( I chose the pasta and garden salad, the other options include mashed potato and fries). It also includes a very generous bowl of tom yum sauce which has mussel and prawns. The Tom Yum sauce exceeded my expectations as it was creamy and sour and spicy; the original tom yum taste did not get diluted in cream. Got this for 16.90 but there is an additional 15% if you have selected POSB/DBS credit cards
Smoked Duck Aglio Olio Went to 49 seats for SUPPER! Got the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio($14.90) for myself. In the menu there's this option where you can add "level 49 spicy". Went to the counter and asked how spicy it was and the reply I got was that it was spicy till your lips would SWELL(around 5 tsp of CHILLI PADI 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶). So they offered me another alternative which was to request for 'more spicy' which I agreed since I love spicy food. The aglio olio pasta came, linguine was cooked al dente and the mushroom and duck was good. Spicy wise, I would say it's spicier than McSpicy but still manageable for me. It was a good thing I didn't request for the level 49 spicy, if not I might not have been able to finish it. (Tip: Come after 10pm for supper promo. $10 nett for all pasta cause there's no gst and service charge.)
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If you ask me what's the best food in Bishan, my answer would be the noodles from Bishan Bus Interchange Cafeteria. Handcrafted hand pulled noodles (拉面) and Knife-shaved noodles (刀削面) by former Crystal Jade Senior Chef and are reasonably priced at $5 per 🍜. My favourite would be the Ma-la Pork noodles, while got kick, but it's not too spicy and it gives you a numbing after-taste. I like the texture of the noodles and the braised pork has the right ratio of meat to fats. If you prefer the healthier and dry option, you can try the tomato egg noodles. I visit this place for lunch at least twice a week, and this is definitely something I would strongly recommend to you. 😋
Noodles and Dumplings 👍🏻✨ had the beef la mian, shan xi cold noodles, meat bun and dumplings in spicy sauce. beef la mian was a nice, comforting bowl with a flavourful broth, definitely an easy favorite. the dumplings in spicy sauce were especially tasty; really liked the soft, thin dumpling skin encasing the meat. the chili oil deserves a shout out too! very fragrant with just the right amount of spice. 😍 overall, good, authentic chinese food done right. also really affordable (at $5 or less per dish), definitely worth another visit 😊 8.5/10 💫
Shi Xiang Ge Located on TOP of Bishan bus interchange, this eatery is helmed by a formal crystal jade Chef. This bowl of beef la Mian($5) is not too bad with springy noodles and slurpilicious broth. Clear but packed full of flavor. Didn’t like the thinly sliced beef as they’re not very tender. For that price point, I would say this is quite worth. 🤭😋 Thanks to @helloshaunsim for the recommendation!
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#throwbackthursdays to Valentine’s Day (which happened last Thursday) where I might have found my new favourite meat space at @meatingplace.sg. . Located at Duo Galleria, the Meating Place is the right space for you to meet, and meat. They have a fairly simple menu, but definitely one that has been thought out - from the starters, to the mains and even the desserts. . During our first visit, they recommended sharing 3 starters, a main, and if our stomach had space, a dessert. We followed their recommendation and boy, were we stuffed. . We shared the Steak Tartare ($16), Mushroom Fricassée ($13), Cornflakes Pumpkin ($9) for starters, ordered their Dry Aged Striploin ($29) to share and ended our meal on a tangy note with their Summer-Lova ($12). . More reviews will be up on @burpple! For now, have a great Thursday, one more day till the weekend! 🎉 #aroundwithamd
"Anxin" Chicken (Half) Dropped by Meating Place again yesterday since they have released their new brunch menu (yes, they are now open for brunch on Saturday). Tried this off the "From the Barbeque Pit" section of the menu; tender and succulent chicken that is drenched in a light, tangy and smoky BBQ sauce that compliments the meat rather than overwhelming the meat. Each meat comes with Black Garlic Aioli (helping to cut through the meatiness for the heavier-tasting meats), Sumac Rocket Salad (really Asian-tasting and addictive, to our surprise) topped with Crispy Garlic for a crunchy texture. Yet another dish that hit the mark here; never a disappointing visit here.
Xing Wei
Butcher’s Striploin $32 - With a side of garlic mayonnaise, chopped spring onions and garlic chips. Beef was cooked to the perfect doneness (I chose medium rare).
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Three Good Guys Serving Up Mala Their MLXG is alot better than their salted egg one in my opinion. There’s a charge for the base & ingredients are charged per portion. Quite flavourful & tasty!
👉Salted Egg Yolk Xiang Guo👈 Riding on the Mala craze which taken over Singapore, @threegoodguys at Golden Mile Food Centre decides to jump into the salted egg bandwagon, offering a lip-smacking alternative of Mala Xiang Guo. So which side are you on? The Mala Party or Salted Egg Party 。 Different from the many salted egg yolk dishes these days that use powder seasoning, the one here is the real deal, with visible chunks of salted egg yolk. Topped with some complimentary fish skin, every ingredient in the bowl complemented the deep flavours of the salted egg sauce. Be sure to add Maggie noodles as this will definitely beat the Salted Egg Indomie 😂. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Overpriced Salted Egg Mala This small portion that you see came up to be more than $20. It is insanely expensive and overpriced, and not even that good. Each portion of meat and veggies is like less than half the amount of what you would usually get at other mala places. The instant noodles go for $2 a portion, the most expensive I've come across so far. The salted egg was very sickening and jelat, although I should have anticipated this before ordering. We also waited really long for this, about 30-45 mins. I would not recommend anyone to try this. Save your coins and get your mala fix somewhere else.
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Look Chup ($5/box) I was so excited to see this colourful Thai snack available in Singapore. This always brings me back to my childhood vacations in Bangkok, where I would eagerly choose which ‘fruits’ I wanted from the stall at MBK. Unfortunately, the variant here didn’t match up to my expectations. The skin was too thin, translucent and film-like whereas the green bean filling was coarse. I felt the skin to filling ratio was too little, and I didn’t get much satisfaction overall. Guess it’s time for another trip back to Thailand.
Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait - somehow the milk doesn’t taste as fragrant, pearls aren’t as chewy as I like but I liked the fact that they made the pearls on site! Flavour of the brown sugar isn’t as pronounced though sweetness is fine. Not a huge fan, so I probably wouldn’t be queuing for it when it officially opens in my hood 😕
Damascus Rose Tea with Lemons ($4.90) Xing Fu Tang, another popular brown sugar milk tea brand from Taiwan with over 60 outlets domestically and 30 overseas has made its way to Singapore in the form of a pop-up stall at Takashimaya’s Food Fiesta, ongoing till 16th June 2019. They are currently only offering two drinks on the menu; Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) & Damascus Rose Tea with Lemons ($4.90). The former was smooth & milky, and went really well with the freshly made brown sugar boba pearls that were so chewy while the latter was very refreshing with a floral aroma, certainly a drink for those who prefer something lighter in taste. @xingfutangsg will be opening their first outlet in Singapore at Century Square on 28th June 19, so be sure to check out their full list of drinks then. Thanks @melmeleats for inviting and @xingfutangsg for the drinks.
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